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Vector Graphic Versions

By: omer nawaz on Monday, 30 March 2015 | 08:33

Monday, 30 March 2015

Computer graphics (such as drawings, but not pictures) that, unlike raster graphics, are represented as geometric shapes by mathematical equations. Vector graphics are generated by illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator or Quark'Xpress can be scaled, rotated, moved, or otherwise manipulated to any degree without any loss of quality, and display or print at whatever resolution is available on a monitor or printer. Also called object based graphics or object oriented graphics.
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PDF Download Links

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 29 March 2015 | 22:30

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Download here:

PDF Page 1.

PDF Page 2.
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How to choose keywords to position in Google?

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 15 March 2015 | 04:38

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Any SEO with whom you speak will tell you it is more important to have a SEO words long tail that focus on short "powerful". For example, it is best to position a website in the TOP 10 of hundreds of searches like " Flights Madrid "," cheap flights to Canaries "," offers flights to Madrid ", etc ... only by the pabara" flights ", yet even when flights bring more traffic than all other joints (not usually normal, in the end long tail can mean in some places 90% of visitors coming from Google), but it is assumed that people buy more when you are looking for more specific words and also as Google's crazier every day you decrease the risk and Google-dependence optimizing your website for more words by focusing on one or two keywords. But even if you want to optimize your site for a single word, for example the word SEO , it is necessary that the text other words "secondary" (synonyms, related words appear etc ...) so that Google can recognize the theme of your page, using techniques Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). As you can read in the Wikipedia article I link two of the major challenges facing the Web Search for the best results of a search are: - polysemy : words that have multiple meanings, for example BANK can be a financial institution, a place to sit, a set of fish ... - synonymy : different words with the same meaning. To continue the example BANK, when we speak of a financial institution the words Bank and Caja mean the same thing. Do not you realize that sometimes looking at Google and I returned results "synonyms"? I mean that longer you must use the old techniques and penalized keyword-stuffing , repeating tens of times the words Bank, the bank, your bank , etc .... to try out well positioned for the word BANK. Google is able to "understand" the content of your website ... So how do we choose the words to position in Google?

There are many tools to select keywords, but it is best to resort to the origin and end of all SEO. Google itself Google offers a functionality within its own browser that is not known by many people but it can help us to do a quick scan and knowing what words we could try to position (eye, I still use other more professional tools, but this is fast and free). Let's do a quick example: imagine that you want to position ourselves for words related to SEO, you must first look in Google, SEO ...

Now click on the left side, option: MORE TOOLS

And we see a link that says: WHEEL OF SEARCHES. If we click we displayed this "cloud of related terms" and we can go about doing drill-down (filtering, go) to see what terms are related to each other
This is an example for words: SEO TOOLS

As I said is not the ultimate tool but being based on statistical analysis of Google itself can help us to get by ...
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Change the Favicon for your blog

The favicon is that little image right next to the web address bar, right now is watching this:

Having a custom favicon is important, because it is an identifying image to our blog, and more if we have the typical blogger favicon B in white on an orange background.


Without more, the first thing we have to do is create a .PNG image, you can use Photoshop to create, below we have to convert .ICO, for this we enter the next page , we climbed our image in PNG, we chose 16x16 pixels and give it to continue, and since we can download the image in .ICO format.

Once you have the image recalls rename FAVICON.ICO-, we have to upload it to a server that suporte images .ICO, for this we enter ICONJ , and got our our image and copy the code they give us.

 Or just paste the url of our image replaces what is in blue.
<Link href = ' 'rel =' shortcut icon 'type =' image / '/>

Now we can only insert the favicon in the blog. We are going to design HTML Edit blog and look tag

</ Title>

and paste the code right below our favicon and save changes.

And remember, a good favicon can distinguish us from others.
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Ten tips for improving your site's visibility in Google search

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 14 March 2015 | 06:15

Saturday, 14 March 2015

1. Access the Webmaster Tools . The Google Webmaster Tools is a free set of tools that gives you detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google. To get started, simply add and verify your site and start to see information immediately. Other resources, such as our blog for webmasters in Spanish or our webmaster forum in Spanish , contain information to optimize your site for organic search.

2. Try to put yourself in the place of someone who visits your site. Make sure your page includes the terms that will surely seek users and which they are integrated into the text naturally, not as a list or as single words.

3. Use appropriate and relevant titles based on the content of each page, and users can view them directly in search results. It also ensures that the headers are useful and match the information on the site.
4. Provides descriptive metatags enough. These descriptions can appear in Google search results in fragments (pages extracts usually displayed in search results) and have a decisive influence on the quality of traffic and the number of visits. For more on this topic, please consult our article, Change of site and site description in search results.

5. It helps users to better understand the content of your pages using simple and attractive URL:; not. You can read more about the organization of parameters here.

6. Check that the main or especially important pages on your site include a link that redirects users from another page on the site that is already indexed in Google. So, you can create a link to the page "New Deals" from the home page of your site. Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps Google know which pages of your site, including URLs that may not be detected in the normal process of tracking Google.

7. Make sure the main content and navigation of your site are in text, optionally using Flash and Javascript to complement or improve your site. You can read more in our article Recommended uses Flash .

8. Use ALT attributes for images. Google's robot can not interpret the images, but we ask you to help us to classify them correctly. The ALT attributes are meta tags of images that provide additional information directly on the label and appear when a user can not see a particular image. Also, Googlebot uses them to better interpret what type of image is. For example, instead of naming "picnic" each of your family photos, you can use an attribute that describes each picture. For example, "Pepito and Pepita playing with their new pet in Central Park".

9. If you want to ensure that a child can access information, we encourage you to explore your site with a mobile phone or a text browser if you have the necessary expertise. If you do not have these means, try the Lynx web browser (you can find it at the following address: ).

10. Remember at all times that it is essential to ensure your users an optimal experience. While Google and other search engines allow endless options, the fact that users mark your site to your favorites, share it and make positive comments about your pages can bring you many advantages. Test and measure the changes in the design and usability of the site using tools like Google Analytics or Website Optimizer from Google .
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7 factors to increase traffic to your blog

1. There are many sources of traffic

 exchange links, Adwords, search engines, advertising barnners, direct traffic ..... etc, there are many sources of traffic, and each must use some specific techniques. Adapt to all.


2. The best source of traffic varies from niche to niche

Choose where to concentrate source can be very important, especially for e-commerce where we have to be selective traffic.
Example a website that wants to spread a message of no use contract services PTC ( Pay to click) but a PTC product if interested, because he knows that traffic will be active. 3. The different sources of traffic to monetize your blog Another important factor to consider is that some traffic sources recouped better than others. The traffic of finder works very well with AdSense, for example (which depends on the niche and the intention of the reader). People come to your blog looking for specific information, read your content. RSS readers moreover do not tend to be profitable with AdSense, loyal readers, but many do not have access to your blog to read your content. RSS readers (and social media, traffic), can be profitable for affiliate promotions or product sales.

4. Traffic patterns change during the lifetime of a blog

Every good blog mature, your traffic sources so do and we are exposed to changes in the statistics of traffic on our blog. At first traffic mainly could come from other blogs or forums where comment -. Or blogs where you write that is tratfico by reference
Eventually begin to see more traffic from RSS or newsletters, and as increases the number of subscribers to your blog.
Then some traffic will come from other sites that link to your blog (people who subscribe through RSS can have their own blogs) and social media. After a while by increasing your pagerank will get more traffic from Google.  In short, the key is to try to harness the course of our blog well and get your blog is sticky. 5. Be open to different approaches

Many SEO consultants speak the futility of social traffic, but it can be a significant traffic, especially if we are starting. Another thing writing quality content tends to naturally generate inbound links to a certain extent. With a basic understanding of SEO techniques and some minor tweaks a blog can be a much better place in search engines. 6. Not only focus on traffic Google While the most important traffic from Google's, it is essential that no SEO campaigns to focus only on this source of traffic. It depend on your algorithm is not at all recommended, we always have to have other sources of traffic for the day something happens maintain a margin of visits without relying on Google. For this we need to have fixed readers who come directly to our site, visits from other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, links from other sites and also our feed readers interested in our content. 7. The importance of personality and be yourself Every blogger has a style of work, some use their curiosities and are testing possible new techniques, others use their abilities to write and receive many links.
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A to Z Guide to Google Adsense

By: omer nawaz on Friday, 13 March 2015 | 18:38

Friday, 13 March 2015

If you have a blog or website and want to make money at it, I hope this post can be used as inpiration. Just to make this clear seven-inch nail, then it goderåd that you can consider using fully or partially. It is not the answer book or how-to-do guide.
Lads's start by getting a few concepts in place:
CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which is what the price is for a click. The higher the CPC, the more money you will earn.
CTR stands for Click Thurgh Rate and shows what percentage of visitors who click on an ad.
CPM stands for Cost Per Mile. It is the price of 1000 impressions, and in connection with Adsense is, how much you earn per. 1000 impressions. It is calculated based on CPC and CTR. How does Google Adsense
Google Adsense is a relatively easy way to get started with making money on Internet advertising. The concept is really quite simple, there are a number of website owners who want to pay for visitors to their websites, for example a shop. 

Via Google Adwords set up the a number of ads for their website featuring looked at a number of keywords. Is their bids good enough, then their ad will appear under 'sponsored links' on the right side and top of the Google search box. 

Each time a user who clicks on the ad, then the website owner to pay the bid amount to Google. Is their bids were too low compared to the competitors, so will their ads simple simply not be displayed.

Google Adsense is as an additional opportunity for website owners to display their ads on. Google Adwords can choose whether they want to show ads on relevant websites. 
Through a clever system becomes ads visible on sites that relate to the keywords selected for the ad. 

Then you have written a blog on your Apple Iphone, so will display ads for mobile phones, but there will for example not display ads for oak tables. Each time a user clicks on the ad in blog post on Iphones, so serve both you and Google money. 

You share earnings in port with Google like this: 1/3 to Google, and 2/3 to you. Create content with high competition

It's much more fun to have a CPC of 7.50 kr. than 0,75 kr. Therefore, this point is quite important when you are doing content for your website.

Placing ads
You should make up your mind how much 'advertising' your visitors can tolerate without compromising your attendance. Serve ago as a pure 'cashcow' whose sole purpose is just to send the user on via a 'Adsense link' (also called an MFA website, Made For Adsense), then it is just to put the ads up as 'aggressive' as possible. Have you stable visitors who regularly come back, you should be a little more careful with forcing the ads 'down the throat' on them. 

Have you much editorial content as articles, then it will typically be advantageous to show an ad block at the bottom of the article, rather than at the top. After the user has read your article, it may be that he has been 'on' something which relate in relation to the content of the article, and the likelihood of the user navigates through an ad link in an ad block at the bottom is much greater than if ad block lying at the top.

It pays to have a few ad blocks, and there are several reasons for this. It's easier for the visitors to stay focused on an ad block, and it sends generally a good signal not to patch a page with ads. Furthermore, there is an entirely different factor that is connected somehow with the way the whole system is screwed together (auction and tender). The more ads you show, the lower will be the general CPC for ads on the page, and in the end it will mean less money for you. It's a balancing act, and it requires trial and error to find out what makes the most.

It is worth noting that you should not encourage or compel users to click on your ads. There are actually many rules associated with advertising Adsense, so it's a good idea to go rulebook carefully. The consequences may be that your Adsese account will be closed and your deposit withheld.

It can be compared somewhat with an auction that never ends, and it also means that there are some areas that are expensive to advertise in than others. For example there is great competition på'mobiltelefoner ', but almost none on' oaks' - CPC can actually swing from quite a few dollars to well over 50 kr. 
Initially, it is about creating content that is related to the industries with great competition. Examples include: consumer, mobile phones and Internet connections. Porn and gambling / casino / poker is not, as there may be advertised on Google for this. 
Here I have an article on the mobile phone history , to 'force' ads with high CPC. Google is based on the text found a number of relevant ads. In my example, only Swedish ads because I sit on a Swedish IP address, and it's really a very good example of the ads also will be selected according to the language Google think user to read and understand.
There is also about the ads, which is where 'looking and searching for new content'. If you can get ad blocks to look like a natural part of the site and the editorial content, then you are indeed come a long way. There are different sized ad blocks, and you can even set the color, font and text size. My site is a masterful example of advertisement layout blocks floating along with the page's design.
Get ads blocks can be better
Do you have a somewhat informative content as an article or a news item, it will generally be a bad idea to have too many ad blocks, as it lowers the average CPC. You can make tracking in Adsense, and see which ad blocks the user clicks. Find the location that has the highest CTR and remove the others, to increase the overall CPC.
It is worth noting that you should not encourage or compel users to click on your ads. There are actually many rules associated with advertising Adsense, so it's a good idea to go rulebook carefully. The consequences may be that your Adsese account will be closed and your deposit withheld.
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Quality links to your website

One of the most popular questions in the Webmaster Help Forum alludes to the recommended creating links organic practices. There seems to be some confusion, especially among less experienced webmasters on how to address the issue. There are several perspectives on creating quality links, so that we too would like to share ours .

If your site is fairly new and unknown, a good marketing tactic is to participate in the community that is your issue. Interact and contribute on forums and blogs. Always try to contribute positively without generating spam or solicit visits to your site. Build a good reputation is the best way to drive new users to your website and make sure you keep visiting it and creating links to it. If you offer durable, unique and interesting content, demonstrating that you are an expert in the field, people will recommend your site to others. A content of this type can serve the same purpose as providing useful tools.

A good way to create content for your target group and achieve links is to think about the problems or difficulties that your users may face. Post a short tutorial or video with a solution to a problem, it's a way of getting visitors you receive appreciate your site and create links to it. Results of surveys and original studies can serve the same purpose, provided that are useful to your target audience. Both methods increase your credibility and visibility in the community. This can get you lasting links and loyal followers who generate direct traffic and "spread the word". The present solutions to various problems can evolve into creating a blog that could help you build a good reputation.

Humor can be a resource to get links and get people talking about your site. Thanks to the growing popularity of Google Buzz and other social media, the amount of entertainment content we share is growing. We've seen all kinds of entertainment content from ASCII art embedded in the source code of a site to funny downtime messages used as a viral marketing technique to increase website visibility. However, we do not recommend relying solely on short-term tactics to get links because its appeal is short-lived. Despite the impact of advertising tactics, you should not rely on them as long-term strategy or as a single marketing campaign.

Needless to say, any strategy of creating legitimate bonds represents a long-term tactic. Some people prefer fast methods based spam. We do not recommend them if you are concerned about the reputation of your site. Buy links to increase PageRank or exchange links randomly are the worst tactics for links and probably ultimately not positively affect the performance of your site . If you care about the visibility of your site in Google's index, it is best to ignore these tactics.

Another method to promote a new site in the Google index consists register in relevant directories. There are directories with well-defined themes that help improve our Internet experience. However, not many compared to the number of low quality directories available on the Internet. If you decide to submit your site to a directory, make sure it is thematic, is moderate and well structured. Shipments mass, which often offer SEO as a rapid method, are generally useless and probably do not meet your goal.

It's a good idea to take a look at sites like yours to identify the elements that could also produce a good result on your own site. However, it is important not to copy success stories but to adapt. This way, you will offer exclusive content to your users.

Social bookmarking allows YouTube
users share content easily

Finally, consider facilitating the creation of links to your site for users less familiar with new technologies. Whoever As with YouTube, offering the ability to share your content on social sites like Twitter or Facebook can help capture the attention of users.

As always, we would like to hear your opinion. You can leave your comment on the blog or join our Webmaster Help Forum .
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Technical Analysis Tablet Evolution Wolder miTab W2

In this article we will talk about the new tablet miTab Evolution W2 was filed barely a few months ago with 7 tablets over the same brand.

In general, W2 Wolder Evolution has left us a good taste and surprised us for the better as far as performance is concerned. We left our more specific analysis below:
Design and Appearance
The tablet miTab Evolution W2 has a sleek overall appearance . The rear housing is built in an unconventional plastic dark gray.
Its dimensions are 260.8 x 174 x 9.4mm, weight is 614 grams excluding keyboard and screen is 10.1 inches, a size that I like in tablets, but that goes tastes of each. The tablet is chunky but it is something that is offset by other features offered.
Around the screen we have a black frame of an inch in the name Wolder is located in its upper left (in landscape mode).
The corners of the tablet are rounded at the back we find the camera on the top center of the brand name and the tablet just below. It is also located in this part of the speaker.
As for the buttons, slots and connections, we have the volume button and on / off switch on the right side of the tablet, along with the other slots (found a mini HDMI Full HD, microUSB, 3.5mm Mini Jack and micro-SD slot.)
This tablet comes with a small dock BT Qwerty keyboard  that connects via Bluetooth and it is very comfortable to type long texts.

Overall, we liked the design of this tablet and congratulate Wolder for it.

As mentioned, the multitouch screen W2 Wolder Evolution is 10.1 inch HD IPS G + G reinforced. Its resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels HD. 
The brightness and sharpness are really good despite being a resolution and is rather short on newly released devices to market.

Processor and Memory

The Evolution W2 Wolder integrates a Quad Core ARM Cortex A9 processor at 1.4 GHz with Power VR SGX540 GPU 3D. Your RAM is 1 GB and 16 GB flash memory expandable via micro-SD up to 32 GB more. 
The overall performance is good and we have not experienced any bug or backward to open multiple web pages at once or keep running several heavy applications.


In this section we can not say much because the camera that integrates the tablet is 2 Mpx and even has flash . Obviously, we would prefer better quality camera but really, if you think about it, a tablet of these dimensions less important is the camera. Matter of taste again.


Battery Evolution Wolder W2 is 6000 mAh and has a long duration without using the charger, both in use and in standby. 
The brand guarantees a range equivalent to 4 hours of video and can confirm that practically reaches this figure.
In this section we also wanted to emphasize the fact that the keyboard dock that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth carries its own battery must be recharged separately.

Other Features

The tablet has Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.
Some of the audio formats supported by the tablet are APE, FLAC, M4A, MP3, 0GG, WAV, WMA and more. As for the video format, 1080p`, we AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV movy.
As for the keyboard, we can say that the synchronization with the tablet is fast. The tablet is positioned above the keyboard through a small built in this rising tab. The system seems a little sensitive but the truth is that is fairly stable.
The fact of handling a touch tablet and use the keyboard to type becomes a bit strange but experience has delighted us. We find a very useful and convenient accessory and the decision to include the tablet, all for just 179 euros, is a great idea.


Another positive point of this tablet is the wearing of Android 4.4 . Today, still releasing new devices to market with older versions of Android and the truth is we do not understand very well why.
In its default format, the tablet brings installed applications Wolder own brand and the rest can be downloaded from the Google Play Store without problem.
The interface is simple, fast and intuitive. No complaint under this section.

Antutu Benchmark

In the test Antutu always had the demo devices we tested, the tablet Mitab W2 Wolder Evolution has earned 16749 points , ranking below the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The classification obtained is quite consistent with our experience of use.


Although the Evolution W2 is a tablet or hybrid midrange was quite surprised us by how well it has shown. Remember that price is only 179 euros and, compared to other tablets in this category, works very, very well. It is suitable for both children and adults due to the ease of use and intuitive so useful functions. 
Plus, the keyboard dock that accompanies type is useful and gives a cache that unlike other tablets in this range.
Regarding the negatives, we might note the quality of your main camera only 2 Mpx, and the weight of the tablet itself that reaches annoying when held in the hand for too long. The 3D graphics are not really bad but if improved.

Our final rating for this tablet, taking into account the category in which it is classified and its price is 7 out of 10.
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What is the best time to publish on social networks?

By: omer nawaz on Thursday, 12 March 2015 | 06:14

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The social networks have become the key element for those dinosaurs who have learned the importance of positioning a website using social networks or have simply understood as selling using social networks.
Digital Media

One point that all users involved in social media and brand positioning is   to know which is the best time to post a comment or tweet on our social networks.

So we can set some parameters that we can continue to see which is the best time to publish on social networks like Facebook and Twitter depending on our product.

. 1      The number of users connected: this is an important point to take into account as we can not publish but are confident of achieving a powerful, for it is useful to use tools like Facebook and statistics Socialbro on Twitter analyze the moments that more and connect our fans.

. 2      Go with the inertia of your product: always take into account for impact of our product based on whether it is focused on an audience that would be connected by night or day at work, ie if we talk about a restaurant it is best to post at times when it is already open.

. 3      Use your own experience: even establish timetables or external elements such as the inertia of our product, the best option is to perform a test at different times during the study period, after which we will have a better idea of when is the best time to post.
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Windows 9x know adapt depending on the device screen size

The emergence of a new interface called Metro will be omitted if you are on a PC, not a tablet or smaller cell phone.

We know almost for sure the new Windows 9 will appear on the market during the year is about to begin, the 2015 theme'Por which are beginning to appear the first clues that indicate how it will be the new system Operating created by Microsoft. And this is now new reports that indicate a future interesting features will be   of such a platform, and its ability to adapt to the device in which it is installed.


Well, it turns out that Windows 9 (W9) realizes if you are on a PC, notebook, netbook, tablet or other cell phone's small screen.

Based on this information is that the screen content will be adapted as appropriate, such as not showing the Metro UI   with colorful squares if is installed on a PC or notebook. But if you are on a device with small screen, touch, Metro will appear just the equipment is. Does not that sound great? Once again the effort and technological advancement known hit our screen.

Moreover, even if you're on a tablet with a touch screen, if Windows 9 detects an integrated physical keyboard, if only for a moment, happen to the desktop environment, becoming practically a notebook, acting much smarter way in today.
Thus, the size and type of screen determines the type of user experience that will take, not as does Windows 8.1 that shows the same, despite being on a desktop, notebook tablet or mobile phone.

Note that to many, Windows 8 will can be very new and refreshing to the eye, but it is not, it happens that certain technologies takes to reach the most remote countries, if not through a payment, access it may be too slow. Although it is already possible to download the Windows 8 on the web, as well as mobile phones have operating system
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Google does not use the keywords meta tag for the positioning of web searches

By: omer nawaz on Wednesday, 11 March 2015 | 06:14

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Google seems to have taken note of all those defects that hinder the user experience, and since early this year has begun a crusade against low usability that reigns in internet , sending warnings to owners of websites from Google Webmaster Tools. A glimpse extent that the digital revolution that will shake Internet in 2015.

The smart devices already exceed the computer as preferred method to navigate , and the dynamics suggests that this situation will intensify in the coming years. Unfortunately 80% of the websites lack adequate support. The display of content is poor, bounce rate is multiplied wildly users and millions of potential customers increase the statistics but no sales.

The Mountain View aware of these shortcomings, and are sending messages through your Webmaster Tools platform, in order to "fix usability problems in mobile ". We are then reports the number of pages affected and we offer various solutions to the problem, although all of them go through Web Design Adapted or 'Responsive Web Design' .

" The Google Search "continues" these pages will not be considered optimized for mobile and, therefore, are shown and classified appropriately for smartphone users . " In other words, our page rank-and therefore the audience and visits- will be drastically affected if we do not solve the problem.

How to prevent Google pull us ears? Web Design Adapted

Currently the only way to provide accessible content for any terminal , without duplicates or uncomfortable HTML Link Building strategies, called Adaptive Web Design -RWD, for its acronym in English 'Responsive Web Design'-. An innovative technique, recently created, which is set to revolutionize the way that cell and interact websites.

Supply the need arises, and the Internet market today offers many ways to implement an adaptive design with prices to suit all budgets, although the quality of these services may vary considerably. The companies specializing in web design can ensure highly professional results with flexible images, sophisticated CSS Media Queries and other elements that will enhance the user experience. All this quite cheaply.

Other Internet resources also provide this design, but with results that leave much to be desired. Some templates Wordpress , for example, HTML adaptive feature, but still lack the degree of customization to meet the needs of demanding customers.

Moreover, if you are a supporter of philosophy Do it Yourself Do it you mismo-, various online tools allow us to adapt our website through a simplified interface, according to the capabilities of inexperienced public. Not to mention the countless flaws of these default templates that will leave a bad taste and hundreds of hours lost.

For the more adventurous, embark on designing your own responsive space may seem simple, even if not professional looking results. However, the complex mechanisms of Web Design Adapted put us in check over and over again, wasting hours and hours of hard work and effort. In short, if you decide to implement this technique should arm yourself or hire value companies specializing in these services.

Why is it so important usability internet?

A few years ago, internet and mobile phone were irreconcilable, and it seemed logical that few or no website offer support for smart devices. But times change. Today the computer has been overtaken by the mobile as a device most commonly used to access the network , and forecasts suggest that this trend will increase dramatically.

Provide our visitors with Responsive Design , properly optimized for smartphones , tablets and other is a prerequisite. Inappropriate content viewing, the limited functionality of the menus or load times slowed by duplicate content translate into a tortuous experience for our customers.

Also, the visibility of our space will be seriously damaged by the algorithms of Google, which begin to favor this design, as noted in the warnings usability. In view of such a bleak picture, it's not surprising that the Adapted Web Design or 'Responsive Web Design' is the key to our survival.
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How NOT to optimize your website

Today we will talk about an alleged "optimization technique" for positioning fairly common search engines, but that does not respect the webmaster quality guidelines of Google: the doorways or "doorway pages". This is a technique used by some webmasters to position itself in the top pages of search results (SERP) and redirect (either directly or in a more indirect way) to users to a site or page in particular, with content that does not add any value to users. The doorways or doorway pages can be in many ways, but some of the features that we often see are:


Low quality content (such as pages with many keywords).
 Links, whether internal or external, pointing to the site or home page (sometimes even anchor text contains keywords).
 Duplicate content (same content repeated on every page or the same content with just a few words changed).
 Pages geared solely to the search engines, rather than users.
 Many automatically redirect to the page or the main site.
 Highly optimized and automatically created pages for search engines.

The sole purpose of these pages is to first position in SERP for many combinations of keywords. These pages can be created as pages within the same domain or as small sites. In summary, the users are showing low quality pages oriented search engines only. Since we are very difficult to give actual examples without specifying a particular site, we will see some fictional examples. The following illustration depicts a group of websites, their relationship between them and the type of technique used:

And if for example we look at the pages of using the site: operator (ie, we Google [site:]), we find something similar to technique may seem a very tempting idea because they are relatively easy to create, automatically, but you do not want a website that is not useful to your users or who do not provide them with a good user experience, containing poor quality or automatically generated pages, as it could be this:

And because this technique does not respect our guidelines, Google can act against sites that use this technique. So if you suspect that your website has something, you're always in time to solve any problems that you think might have. If you think your website has been affected by the use of this technique, we suggest that you review the Guidelines Webmaster and once you've solved the situation, you send a request for full details. Besides, you know you can also see the latest Google Webmaster or leave a comment in this post. And lastly, if during your searches find yourself somewhere that uses this technique, do not hesitate to use our form to report spam if you want . let us get Source:
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SEO: Importance of the refresh rate on blogs

By: omer nawaz on Tuesday, 10 March 2015 | 06:14

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Let's talk a little SEO . We all know that updating blogs or websites is important, especially to always have something new to show visitors reader. So far, that importance had been instrumental in asserting that the frequency is vital for positioning , but it seems somewhat underestimated.

According to a recent video, posted on the Google Webmasters channel, the refresh rate is important but not THAT important to be above the quality and originality of content. The charge of making these assertions, which have shaken something to the SEO community, could be none other than Matt Cutts. Cutts says that although the update is important, content is much more so , so that does not matter, at least for positioning and authority can have your page on how updated're if your content is taken from other sites using a system feeds automatic, to cite one example (although I do think, seeing a large number of sites Clones to be able to position better than a blog with original and updated content, although the process to move on results usually slow). If you want to see the video (in English) I invite you to follow this link (Youtube).
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Sitemaps: one file, multiple content types

Have you ever wanted to send multiple types of content (video, images, etc.) in one Sitemap ? Now you can. If your site contains videos, images, URLs, mobile, code or geographic information, you can now create and send a single Sitemap with this information.

Webmasters around the world have used Sitemaps to inform Google of its content since first introduced in 2005. Since then they have introduced other specialized Sitemap formats to accommodate video, images, mobile URLs, code or geographic content . With an increasing number of specialized formats, we would ease the process admitting Sitemaps that can include different types of content in a single file.

Sitemap structure with different contents are similar to normal sitemap, but with the option to include URLs that refer to different types of content. An example of a Sitemap with reference to a standard web page for Web search, image content for image search, and a reference video to be included searches of videos we present:

     xmlns: image = ""
     xmlns: video = "">
   Grilling tofu for summer

This is an example of what you'll see in the Google webmaster tools when you submit a Sitemap with multiple content types:

We expect the ability to include multiple content types in the same SITMAP will make things easier. The remaining rules Sitemaps , as the maximum inclusion of 50,000 URLs in a file and the file size limit of 10 MB uncompressed still in force. If you have questions or suggestions, please visit our Webmaster Help Forum .

Posted by Jonathan Simon, Webmaster Trends Analyst. In Xavier, Search Quality team.
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How to write curriculum that attracts employers

By: omer nawaz on Monday, 9 March 2015 | 09:00

Monday, 9 March 2015

New ways of working and new channels of business when workers seek adjusted to very specific positions, highlight the need to improve the way in which you are seeking employment. And not only have direct access to the companies in which you want to work, but accounts with the figure of headhunter. In this sense, far remained plagued curriculum of personal data are useless. Today, this type of curricula can even restrict your chances of being selected.
Experts advise that an easy way to ask the drafting of our curriculum must go through a clear line that keeps our text within the accessible and concise and, on the other hand, show organized and very attractive.
Another requirement to keep in mind is the need to make a difference with the rest, because we know the headhunter devotes little time to each curriculum and will need to get their attention
 We describe a set of requirements that will help writing a resume that fits, in form and style, a modern and attractive resume to the employer:
A style adapted to the position you want
  1. It raises all text with a specific, simple language and keep the consistency needed in the use of tenses.
  2. The abbreviations can be difficult to read, so best not to use them or that you clarify in parentheses.
  3. The use of language can lead to headhunter to obtain a positive impact on your professional experience. So it will be interesting to use action verbs as reaching, lead, negotiate, resolve, supervise, organize, achieve, etc.
  4. Adapt the language and style of writing the post you are applying. For example, if you want to access a higher level position, emphasize impeccable writing your professional skills.
  5. You can include a brief and clear description that includes what your career goals are.
A suitable way
  1. Looking for an organized structure, leading to signal uses your name and your work experience places. If you just finished your education and you have little professional experience, you can indicate your education first.
  2. Highlight your skills: language, technical skills, computer and social or 2.0. This means for the headhunter know the added value you can bring to their customers. Later as you can indicate your professional experience and your training. Emphasizes one or the other depending on the position you want to access.
  3. Detailed with a simple phrase the post and functions have developed within each company.
  4. Stresses the skills that are most in line with the job to which you aspire.
  5. It uses a simple type font (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.) with a size of between 10 and 12 points. Libera margins to give a clean and tidy.
  6. If you can group your professional experiences on one page, the headhunter thank you. Only employs two pages if your professional experience very long.
  7. Currently no accessories and details such as your identification are included, whether or not you have a driver's license or other data that may restrict your options, including your political preferences, religious or sports.
  8. No need to include your full address, will be sufficient to indicate a postal code and place of residence. With this the headhunter knows if you are near the workplace of his client.
  9. Necessarily include your full name, mobile number (the second set), an email address and a link to your profile Linkedin or similar professional networks.
10. Discard the section "intentions" or "skills". Those phrases like "facility for rapid learning", "knows how to work under pressure" are not in use and not credible in the curriculum.
Other aspects that should reflect
Currently we face a changing labor market that will cost us adapt if we are not sure how it works. You have to ask what are the skills we lack (training, languages, etc.) to complete.
Also, it's good you do with a list of the most important headhunters and not withdraw when still call the different doors. Highlight for gaining visibility in the selection process and continue highlighting and recycled once I got the job.
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Technorati is a very useful tool to promote your blog . But add your blog to Technorati can be a bit confusing and lack of knowledge may make it more difficult when performing this task. So today we bring you the steps to adding your blog to Technorati:

If you do not have an account on Technorati, register , otherwise, Login .
Once you've logged in, go to your profile.

At the end you will see a section "My Claimed blogs". You will see a box with a "Start a blog claim" label. Enter the address of your blog and click the "Claim" button.
Now you have to fill the form with all the information you are asked about your blog, the the compelto and accurate.

Then you wait until you get a "token" is a code that you must insert a new post for them to check that the blog belongs to you (this is the code in question  7A78PMYFRRX6 ).
You will get an email from Technorati instructed. We recommend you regularly log into your account to check the "My Claimed blogs"
In this section you can view the status of your "claims".

Once you have been given the "token" notification you will see in "My Claimed" blogs.
Click "Check Claim". If doing this page simply refreshes and does not get you anywhere, right-click over the button "Check Claim" and select "Copy Link". Paste the link above browser.

See the instucciones to check your "claim". You'll get a code you have to insert a new post.
Believe in your blog post and within the publication put the code.
Pressing the "Verify Claim Token" button.

You come back to your profile and check the status of your "claim".
At that point you should see a message that says something like: "Your blog was verified successfully. Now review ... "

You will have to wait again until Technorati approves your blog .
As we see, register in  Technorati  can become complicated, but worth it, because the better the value of our blog, remembering that gives us new readers.

And you do you think? you have your blog on  Technorati ? tell us your experience
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Tips to Increase Productivity Writing

This is a guest article by Jaime Tagle blogger , blog about internet marketing, resources, techniques and information to make money online.
Typing is not so easy. You need to meet several requirements like good writing, purpose, grammar, structure, and many other components that help us make our text content is perceived as valuable by visitors and / or subscribers.

Many individuals and bloggers write slow, takes several hours to achieve complete a concise and informative article. Some argue they do not know what to write, they are very difficult writing or complicated order the article to make it more understandable. There are also other people, who seem to machines when writing content. They have an idea and within minutes already have an article written and published in his blog. Although it is clear that these people have a gift or special talent when placing your fingers on the keyboard, you may be able to improve all our typing speed.

Before giving the advice, I would like to clarify something I consider important. Many people believe that writing faster is synonymous with creating low quality items. This in my opinion is not true, if you always take care of our content and apply the advice I give then can combine perfectly productivity and quality in creating content for your blog.

Let's start:

Choose A Topic
To avoid blocking when famous face the blank document, it is best to choose a topic before you start writing. This not only gives you the right mindset also helps you to be much more concentrated (a) and focused (a).
Sometimes it is not only the lack of ideas that blocks us, also have many ideas is a problem when writing. We saturate and ended by writing an article where we try to say much but ended up not quite say anything.
My biggest recommendation is to focus on a single topic. If several ideas, write them down and leave for another article will arise. By doing this, you will have much greater focus and have a much more direct writing, which increases productivity.

Taking Notes

Once you have defined the topic, very good thing to do is take notes and gather information before you start writing your article. Write in a text document ideas and main concepts of the subject; if you need, you can also go to Google and search information you provide content writing.
Just type keywords and short concepts, which at time of writing will help you be in much better attuned to the information to be arising in your mind and moving the document from your computer.
Having this information and notes also saves you much time and accelerates your typing speed.

Establishes a structure

Many people would like to think that writing should be free and improvising as it develops the content.
I respect this opinion, but if you want to increase your productivity when writing, it is best to define a structure before beginning.
You can use:

Article of questions and answers

Products of advice or reasons like this. Example: 5 tips for better sleep or 3 reasons why you should use Google
Or numbered lists based on "bullet points" items
Any combination of the items above
Should not be formal, just keep in mind what will be the structure that you will use and so going to write much faster and with fewer complications.

Eliminate Distractions

On the Internet there are many distractions that can take our productivity great shape. Social Networks, E-mail, Twitter, IM or any other website can take away much speed and lengthen the time it takes us to finish writing an article. When you're about to begin, close any window that can distract you, turn off your phone and all notifications from Facebook, Twitter or your cell phone. It is obvious that by doing this, you'll be much more focused and write faster. To conclude this article, one last tip: start and writes. Instead of both thinking and thinking, simply login to your computer and start typing helping the strategies that I just shared with you. Remember that taking action is key to making things happen step. I send a greeting and I hope that this information has been helpful and valuable. Remember if you want you can write an article for Community Bloggers and incidentally promote your site. View the conditions here: Participate in comunidadbloggers
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The Importance of Good Customer Service

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 8 March 2015 | 09:11

Sunday, 8 March 2015

The rapid expansion of the Internet has shelved some key aspects to successfully complete the whole process involved where the customer and the customer has become very minority and quality for analysis.
If we believe that thanks to social networks give enough support to carry out this task, we are very wrong. Facebook , Twitter or other social platforms have become more open to a range and distribution in the vast majority of companies do sometimes do not give a range. Even having the ability to make or answer our followers at any time through the devices phones like iPhone , iPad or Blackberry is not reached, in general, monitoring all the needs, questions or concerns that we want to convey and above all they want to do it in a more or less quickly.
Therefore, we can not forget one of the pillars of Internet Marketing and ideeënlabel studios want to give the necessary importance to the customer. Think you avoid answering a question or do not cause more reluctantly than a bad image and worse, that end user realizing their problems with us.
Companies that have the great fortune to have a very important customer feedback and more or less common in the fairs that are held throughout the year and also has the ability to receive your establishment it is from here that your brand will expand and spread.
So do not let your hand customer service for the most updated and response protocols and standardized interaction because not everyone can be outstanding 24/7 to answer queries through Social Networks or phone number.
Forget or stop the service the client will begin the decline of reputation our company and our clients through this difficult to recover.
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