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Ten tips for improving your site's visibility in Google search

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 14 March 2015 | 06:15

1. Access the Webmaster Tools . The Google Webmaster Tools is a free set of tools that gives you detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google. To get started, simply add and verify your site and start to see information immediately. Other resources, such as our blog for webmasters in Spanish or our webmaster forum in Spanish , contain information to optimize your site for organic search.

2. Try to put yourself in the place of someone who visits your site. Make sure your page includes the terms that will surely seek users and which they are integrated into the text naturally, not as a list or as single words.

3. Use appropriate and relevant titles based on the content of each page, and users can view them directly in search results. It also ensures that the headers are useful and match the information on the site.
4. Provides descriptive metatags enough. These descriptions can appear in Google search results in fragments (pages extracts usually displayed in search results) and have a decisive influence on the quality of traffic and the number of visits. For more on this topic, please consult our article, Change of site and site description in search results.

5. It helps users to better understand the content of your pages using simple and attractive URL:; not. You can read more about the organization of parameters here.

6. Check that the main or especially important pages on your site include a link that redirects users from another page on the site that is already indexed in Google. So, you can create a link to the page "New Deals" from the home page of your site. Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps Google know which pages of your site, including URLs that may not be detected in the normal process of tracking Google.

7. Make sure the main content and navigation of your site are in text, optionally using Flash and Javascript to complement or improve your site. You can read more in our article Recommended uses Flash .

8. Use ALT attributes for images. Google's robot can not interpret the images, but we ask you to help us to classify them correctly. The ALT attributes are meta tags of images that provide additional information directly on the label and appear when a user can not see a particular image. Also, Googlebot uses them to better interpret what type of image is. For example, instead of naming "picnic" each of your family photos, you can use an attribute that describes each picture. For example, "Pepito and Pepita playing with their new pet in Central Park".

9. If you want to ensure that a child can access information, we encourage you to explore your site with a mobile phone or a text browser if you have the necessary expertise. If you do not have these means, try the Lynx web browser (you can find it at the following address: ).

10. Remember at all times that it is essential to ensure your users an optimal experience. While Google and other search engines allow endless options, the fact that users mark your site to your favorites, share it and make positive comments about your pages can bring you many advantages. Test and measure the changes in the design and usability of the site using tools like Google Analytics or Website Optimizer from Google .

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