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7 factors to increase traffic to your blog

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 14 March 2015 | 06:15

1. There are many sources of traffic

 exchange links, Adwords, search engines, advertising barnners, direct traffic ..... etc, there are many sources of traffic, and each must use some specific techniques. Adapt to all.


2. The best source of traffic varies from niche to niche

Choose where to concentrate source can be very important, especially for e-commerce where we have to be selective traffic.
Example a website that wants to spread a message of no use contract services PTC ( Pay to click) but a PTC product if interested, because he knows that traffic will be active. 3. The different sources of traffic to monetize your blog Another important factor to consider is that some traffic sources recouped better than others. The traffic of finder works very well with AdSense, for example (which depends on the niche and the intention of the reader). People come to your blog looking for specific information, read your content. RSS readers moreover do not tend to be profitable with AdSense, loyal readers, but many do not have access to your blog to read your content. RSS readers (and social media, traffic), can be profitable for affiliate promotions or product sales.

4. Traffic patterns change during the lifetime of a blog

Every good blog mature, your traffic sources so do and we are exposed to changes in the statistics of traffic on our blog. At first traffic mainly could come from other blogs or forums where comment -. Or blogs where you write that is tratfico by reference
Eventually begin to see more traffic from RSS or newsletters, and as increases the number of subscribers to your blog.
Then some traffic will come from other sites that link to your blog (people who subscribe through RSS can have their own blogs) and social media. After a while by increasing your pagerank will get more traffic from Google.  In short, the key is to try to harness the course of our blog well and get your blog is sticky. 5. Be open to different approaches

Many SEO consultants speak the futility of social traffic, but it can be a significant traffic, especially if we are starting. Another thing writing quality content tends to naturally generate inbound links to a certain extent. With a basic understanding of SEO techniques and some minor tweaks a blog can be a much better place in search engines. 6. Not only focus on traffic Google While the most important traffic from Google's, it is essential that no SEO campaigns to focus only on this source of traffic. It depend on your algorithm is not at all recommended, we always have to have other sources of traffic for the day something happens maintain a margin of visits without relying on Google. For this we need to have fixed readers who come directly to our site, visits from other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, links from other sites and also our feed readers interested in our content. 7. The importance of personality and be yourself Every blogger has a style of work, some use their curiosities and are testing possible new techniques, others use their abilities to write and receive many links.

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