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A to Z Guide to Google Adsense

By: omer nawaz on Friday, 13 March 2015 | 18:38

If you have a blog or website and want to make money at it, I hope this post can be used as inpiration. Just to make this clear seven-inch nail, then it goderåd that you can consider using fully or partially. It is not the answer book or how-to-do guide.
Lads's start by getting a few concepts in place:
CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which is what the price is for a click. The higher the CPC, the more money you will earn.
CTR stands for Click Thurgh Rate and shows what percentage of visitors who click on an ad.
CPM stands for Cost Per Mile. It is the price of 1000 impressions, and in connection with Adsense is, how much you earn per. 1000 impressions. It is calculated based on CPC and CTR. How does Google Adsense
Google Adsense is a relatively easy way to get started with making money on Internet advertising. The concept is really quite simple, there are a number of website owners who want to pay for visitors to their websites, for example a shop. 

Via Google Adwords set up the a number of ads for their website featuring looked at a number of keywords. Is their bids good enough, then their ad will appear under 'sponsored links' on the right side and top of the Google search box. 

Each time a user who clicks on the ad, then the website owner to pay the bid amount to Google. Is their bids were too low compared to the competitors, so will their ads simple simply not be displayed.

Google Adsense is as an additional opportunity for website owners to display their ads on. Google Adwords can choose whether they want to show ads on relevant websites. 
Through a clever system becomes ads visible on sites that relate to the keywords selected for the ad. 

Then you have written a blog on your Apple Iphone, so will display ads for mobile phones, but there will for example not display ads for oak tables. Each time a user clicks on the ad in blog post on Iphones, so serve both you and Google money. 

You share earnings in port with Google like this: 1/3 to Google, and 2/3 to you. Create content with high competition

It's much more fun to have a CPC of 7.50 kr. than 0,75 kr. Therefore, this point is quite important when you are doing content for your website.

Placing ads
You should make up your mind how much 'advertising' your visitors can tolerate without compromising your attendance. Serve ago as a pure 'cashcow' whose sole purpose is just to send the user on via a 'Adsense link' (also called an MFA website, Made For Adsense), then it is just to put the ads up as 'aggressive' as possible. Have you stable visitors who regularly come back, you should be a little more careful with forcing the ads 'down the throat' on them. 

Have you much editorial content as articles, then it will typically be advantageous to show an ad block at the bottom of the article, rather than at the top. After the user has read your article, it may be that he has been 'on' something which relate in relation to the content of the article, and the likelihood of the user navigates through an ad link in an ad block at the bottom is much greater than if ad block lying at the top.

It pays to have a few ad blocks, and there are several reasons for this. It's easier for the visitors to stay focused on an ad block, and it sends generally a good signal not to patch a page with ads. Furthermore, there is an entirely different factor that is connected somehow with the way the whole system is screwed together (auction and tender). The more ads you show, the lower will be the general CPC for ads on the page, and in the end it will mean less money for you. It's a balancing act, and it requires trial and error to find out what makes the most.

It is worth noting that you should not encourage or compel users to click on your ads. There are actually many rules associated with advertising Adsense, so it's a good idea to go rulebook carefully. The consequences may be that your Adsese account will be closed and your deposit withheld.

It can be compared somewhat with an auction that never ends, and it also means that there are some areas that are expensive to advertise in than others. For example there is great competition på'mobiltelefoner ', but almost none on' oaks' - CPC can actually swing from quite a few dollars to well over 50 kr. 
Initially, it is about creating content that is related to the industries with great competition. Examples include: consumer, mobile phones and Internet connections. Porn and gambling / casino / poker is not, as there may be advertised on Google for this. 
Here I have an article on the mobile phone history , to 'force' ads with high CPC. Google is based on the text found a number of relevant ads. In my example, only Swedish ads because I sit on a Swedish IP address, and it's really a very good example of the ads also will be selected according to the language Google think user to read and understand.
There is also about the ads, which is where 'looking and searching for new content'. If you can get ad blocks to look like a natural part of the site and the editorial content, then you are indeed come a long way. There are different sized ad blocks, and you can even set the color, font and text size. My site is a masterful example of advertisement layout blocks floating along with the page's design.
Get ads blocks can be better
Do you have a somewhat informative content as an article or a news item, it will generally be a bad idea to have too many ad blocks, as it lowers the average CPC. You can make tracking in Adsense, and see which ad blocks the user clicks. Find the location that has the highest CTR and remove the others, to increase the overall CPC.
It is worth noting that you should not encourage or compel users to click on your ads. There are actually many rules associated with advertising Adsense, so it's a good idea to go rulebook carefully. The consequences may be that your Adsese account will be closed and your deposit withheld.

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