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Quality links to your website

By: omer nawaz on Friday, 13 March 2015 | 06:15

One of the most popular questions in the Webmaster Help Forum alludes to the recommended creating links organic practices. There seems to be some confusion, especially among less experienced webmasters on how to address the issue. There are several perspectives on creating quality links, so that we too would like to share ours .

If your site is fairly new and unknown, a good marketing tactic is to participate in the community that is your issue. Interact and contribute on forums and blogs. Always try to contribute positively without generating spam or solicit visits to your site. Build a good reputation is the best way to drive new users to your website and make sure you keep visiting it and creating links to it. If you offer durable, unique and interesting content, demonstrating that you are an expert in the field, people will recommend your site to others. A content of this type can serve the same purpose as providing useful tools.

A good way to create content for your target group and achieve links is to think about the problems or difficulties that your users may face. Post a short tutorial or video with a solution to a problem, it's a way of getting visitors you receive appreciate your site and create links to it. Results of surveys and original studies can serve the same purpose, provided that are useful to your target audience. Both methods increase your credibility and visibility in the community. This can get you lasting links and loyal followers who generate direct traffic and "spread the word". The present solutions to various problems can evolve into creating a blog that could help you build a good reputation.

Humor can be a resource to get links and get people talking about your site. Thanks to the growing popularity of Google Buzz and other social media, the amount of entertainment content we share is growing. We've seen all kinds of entertainment content from ASCII art embedded in the source code of a site to funny downtime messages used as a viral marketing technique to increase website visibility. However, we do not recommend relying solely on short-term tactics to get links because its appeal is short-lived. Despite the impact of advertising tactics, you should not rely on them as long-term strategy or as a single marketing campaign.

Needless to say, any strategy of creating legitimate bonds represents a long-term tactic. Some people prefer fast methods based spam. We do not recommend them if you are concerned about the reputation of your site. Buy links to increase PageRank or exchange links randomly are the worst tactics for links and probably ultimately not positively affect the performance of your site . If you care about the visibility of your site in Google's index, it is best to ignore these tactics.

Another method to promote a new site in the Google index consists register in relevant directories. There are directories with well-defined themes that help improve our Internet experience. However, not many compared to the number of low quality directories available on the Internet. If you decide to submit your site to a directory, make sure it is thematic, is moderate and well structured. Shipments mass, which often offer SEO as a rapid method, are generally useless and probably do not meet your goal.

It's a good idea to take a look at sites like yours to identify the elements that could also produce a good result on your own site. However, it is important not to copy success stories but to adapt. This way, you will offer exclusive content to your users.

Social bookmarking allows YouTube
users share content easily

Finally, consider facilitating the creation of links to your site for users less familiar with new technologies. Whoever As with YouTube, offering the ability to share your content on social sites like Twitter or Facebook can help capture the attention of users.

As always, we would like to hear your opinion. You can leave your comment on the blog or join our Webmaster Help Forum .

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