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Use a default format for a pivot

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 1 December 2013 | 08:43

Pivot Table in Excel
The Pivot Tables are a powerful analysis tool that allows, in a few steps, you get a report with the possibility of multi-dimensional drill-down (ie, obtain detailed information with respect to a certain amount). However, the tool is rather crude and, in aesthetic terms, does not allow great flexibility: you can not insert rows or columns, and you can not delete some elements of the table, such as, for example, the drop-down menu. Constraints aside, however, the Pivot Tables the latest versions of Excel can be formatted exactly like all the other cells in a worksheet. It can therefore eliminate the typical table formatting that makes it highly recognizable when printed. A good starting point is the AutoFormat located in the bar of the Pivot Table . To achieve this we can enter the menu bar Tools , click Customize and select the tab Toolbars . From here we will go through the list and tick Pivot Table . From this bar would simply select the Format Report . Excel has a number of formats to choose from automatic: just click on one of these, click OK and proceed with further changes custom cell to cell by acting directly with the menu Format Cells.

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