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Reduce the size of the Excel file

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 1 December 2013 | 08:35

Excel Tips (Reduce the size of the Excel file)

Often you have wondered why a document passes from a few Kb to several Mb without an explanation. The fault is called Workspace that is the range of cells that Excel treats usable. Imagine that a sheet has a table in the range A1: B10. This is the current Workspace , but if for some reason the data is copied below or to the right of the cell B10, the area will be extended and will remain so even if the data will then be deleted. To reduce workspace we position ourselves in the last line actually used, select the rows from after the 65536 using the keys Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow and delete them (right click / Delete ). The same should be done for all columns to the right of the range that interests us. At this point you need to save. The saved file will be smaller than the previous one.

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