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How to save videos from YouTube

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 28 December 2014 | 08:00

YouTube videos are videos made in flash, hence the .flv extension (not to be confused with .fla flash animations). When we see from the YouTube page or another page that has embedded one of these videos, we feel that we can not keep them because there is no button that gives us the download, nothing further.

The same applies to Google videos. This is a format that become fashionable because it's comfortable for servers and webmastes but quite uncomfortable to pardillo we've been all who want to save and do not see a single button that should be there to download. Amid row with piracy, jargon means that we sometimes agilipollada computer, and discrimination is made, sometimes unwittingly, from the heavyweights of cyberspace, I'm not surprised at all that the poor unsuspecting average sailor, so tenegamos acojonado in Half of the digital divide both supposed to strive mightily to dissolve all.Let's take a little soap to these honorable Youtube videos. It is pure appearance that we can not keep us jokes and whack someone in their day altruistically hung there for the joy of the Information Society as a whole.

Actually, when we see these videos is that they remain in the cache until we turned off the computer.The hard part is to locate them to keep them, but there is free software that does this task by us with videos from YouTube and many other video types (not all) that apparently only be seen so online.

I recommend ATube Catcher and what you can download it here . 

It's incredibly easy handling but if you have any problems also can check its mini-man- ual .

However, there are other programs that once downloaded and installed on your computer, offering the ability to save these videos as it should, ie asking a name and location for them before, during or after viewing.

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