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What is the best time to publish on social networks?

By: omer nawaz on Thursday, 12 March 2015 | 06:14

The social networks have become the key element for those dinosaurs who have learned the importance of positioning a website using social networks or have simply understood as selling using social networks.
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One point that all users involved in social media and brand positioning is   to know which is the best time to post a comment or tweet on our social networks.

So we can set some parameters that we can continue to see which is the best time to publish on social networks like Facebook and Twitter depending on our product.

. 1      The number of users connected: this is an important point to take into account as we can not publish but are confident of achieving a powerful, for it is useful to use tools like Facebook and statistics Socialbro on Twitter analyze the moments that more and connect our fans.

. 2      Go with the inertia of your product: always take into account for impact of our product based on whether it is focused on an audience that would be connected by night or day at work, ie if we talk about a restaurant it is best to post at times when it is already open.

. 3      Use your own experience: even establish timetables or external elements such as the inertia of our product, the best option is to perform a test at different times during the study period, after which we will have a better idea of when is the best time to post.

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