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How to choose keywords to position in Google?

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 15 March 2015 | 04:38

Any SEO with whom you speak will tell you it is more important to have a SEO words long tail that focus on short "powerful". For example, it is best to position a website in the TOP 10 of hundreds of searches like " Flights Madrid "," cheap flights to Canaries "," offers flights to Madrid ", etc ... only by the pabara" flights ", yet even when flights bring more traffic than all other joints (not usually normal, in the end long tail can mean in some places 90% of visitors coming from Google), but it is assumed that people buy more when you are looking for more specific words and also as Google's crazier every day you decrease the risk and Google-dependence optimizing your website for more words by focusing on one or two keywords. But even if you want to optimize your site for a single word, for example the word SEO , it is necessary that the text other words "secondary" (synonyms, related words appear etc ...) so that Google can recognize the theme of your page, using techniques Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). As you can read in the Wikipedia article I link two of the major challenges facing the Web Search for the best results of a search are: - polysemy : words that have multiple meanings, for example BANK can be a financial institution, a place to sit, a set of fish ... - synonymy : different words with the same meaning. To continue the example BANK, when we speak of a financial institution the words Bank and Caja mean the same thing. Do not you realize that sometimes looking at Google and I returned results "synonyms"? I mean that longer you must use the old techniques and penalized keyword-stuffing , repeating tens of times the words Bank, the bank, your bank , etc .... to try out well positioned for the word BANK. Google is able to "understand" the content of your website ... So how do we choose the words to position in Google?

There are many tools to select keywords, but it is best to resort to the origin and end of all SEO. Google itself Google offers a functionality within its own browser that is not known by many people but it can help us to do a quick scan and knowing what words we could try to position (eye, I still use other more professional tools, but this is fast and free). Let's do a quick example: imagine that you want to position ourselves for words related to SEO, you must first look in Google, SEO ...

Now click on the left side, option: MORE TOOLS

And we see a link that says: WHEEL OF SEARCHES. If we click we displayed this "cloud of related terms" and we can go about doing drill-down (filtering, go) to see what terms are related to each other
This is an example for words: SEO TOOLS

As I said is not the ultimate tool but being based on statistical analysis of Google itself can help us to get by ...

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