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Keys to increase your traffic to your MLM blog

By: omer nawaz on Monday, 25 November 2013 | 02:31

Monday, 25 November 2013

Post-BlogBlogs are great tools for online marketing. In Network Marketing, the key to success is to build and maintain relationships with people who can help you and who can help you too. The informal nature of the blog s makes them easy to read and therefore the response and participation of users is greater than the response generated by a normal web page.

The blog s are easy to handle by which makes them perfect for nergocios online.Furthermore, the addition of new content to a blog is easy. For those who want to promote any product, service or company on the net, it is especially necessary to communicate with existing customers and of course with potential customers on a regular basis, being able to revise and / or add new content and material. Do this on a website is often difficult and time consuming especially if you have no knowledge of editing web pages.
Blogs are especially attractive and ideal for this simple, why have caught the attention of many people because of its simplicity and dynamic character. Building relationships with customers and potential customers and inform them about the tools, solutions and products you want to promote, can be done easily through publications on a blog . They are also a great way to educate and motivate team members or people who live tienenj contgacto with our organization.
If you have a business oriented blog some MLM or Network Marketing, you can include anything from which they can benefit and educate the members of your network and requesting information from your business opportunity.tricks-write-articles-contentThe publication of original articles,increase traffic to your MLM blog, as we will be adding fresh unique content that search engines use to offer a higher score and better ranking and positioning.
If you do not want to post articles to your blog, you can choose to customize it talking, for example from your own experiences and unique when promoting or try the product or company in which you are participating, and doing so permanently. You can also write your personal opinion of the system using your company, mentioning both the benefits and features of the system and why not? slight defects inherent in the system or program you're using your MLM company, for readers will have more credibility and appreciate your honesty.
Note that most tests or test calls to companies or products, are merely exaggerated sales pitches without any objectivity. This will give your blog more credibility, which is a great way to increase traffic to your blog.
Also be sure to include links to your own links to affiliate included in your other websites and blogs. You can also use a resource box with a link to your web sites at the end of each post. Speaking of which, after each message, be sure to notify the various search engines by using 'ping' services like Feedburner , Bolgflux orPingomatic , you've created new content on your blog.
Writing and finding unique content for your blog is critical. Not as difficult as it was published frequently and do "pings" correctly, will result in incrementgo constant traffic to your blog. Haciaq you get your blog more traffic means more people are getting to know you and trust you and looking at your websites and business priority.

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3 great ways to increase traffic to your Blog

Traffic is very important for a website to grow without dying quickly. There are many ways to get traffic to your site , so no excuses for not being able to get at least a few unique visitors per day .
When it comes to getting traffic , there is no easy way to do it, so will have to work a bit on it. Once you begin to implement the techniques and tips given below, begin to get traffic to your site as an avalanche.
Have an Avatar?
This may sound very simple, but many bloggers have one. An avatar is an image that shows you every time you leave a comment on someone's blog. This is very important because you want people to know who you are and become familiar with your face.
If you want to create an avatar you can go to and make one free. When setting up the account be sure to always use the same image and do not change.
When you use the same avatar , people get used to your face and this will begin to develop your social proof.
As you start to comment on the blogs of others, people begin to see your face in all parts arousing their curiosity, and want to take a look at your site.
Comment on blogs manually
I know you've heard before, but this is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your website . When you start manually commenting on blogs high traffic, you will have more chances that people will click on your link and visit your website .
Do not take shortcuts with respect to this, ie do not use automated software to comment on blogsbecause that does not work. All you get with this type of software is to destroy your social proof and confidence that generated above.
Write fresh content
This is another important strategy to be adopted, because no one is engaged with a blog or website that is not updated for a long time. Sometimes it can be tedious to create fresh and current content for the site, but to be successful you have to.
Try to update your blog or website twice a week at least, if possible four times a week. When you publish your content, try to do it at the same time and day every week, for example, on Tuesdays and Fridays.
If you publish your content in this way, visitors return to your site these days to see the updated content.
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10 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

These days there are thousands of blogs on the net. Everyone competes for readers and increasingly growing number of competition. 's very easy to create a blog, how hard is it to be successful!

Getting people to come to your blog is the work of long time. Do not think that by reading a book or this post, and you'll be magically receiving visits No, no ... for this to work you have to act. But what if I tell you is that if you read this article, take the time to learn you will be short. fails Here are some ways to increase traffic to your blog.

1. Head toward people sharing.

Share all content manually is impossible, so we must go to those people who like to share what they have read. To accomplish this, you must create articles that deserve to be shared. Create appealing and quality content. For example it's easier than an article called "Tsunami in New York" one entitled "Big waves at sea" is shared. Well, maybe I exaggerated. sharing There are public, as there is another who is not interested in sharing. And besides these this competition, these are the other bloggers who are very active and they share more than anyone. Otherwise direct your content to the type of people who share it, probably're missing a lot. 

Two. Use Search Engines to attract people.

Use SEO (Technical SEO search engines ). The SEO is immensely useful if you know how to use. With this you will put your blog in the first ranks of Google. Searching for keywords relating to your subject and manages to position them on the front lines of results.

Three. Use Google Analytics

Install this great tool that will give you a full detailed report on the flaws and strengths of your blog. It allows you to publicize your blog deeply, tilting by country and keyword. With this you should know that you must edit and enhance. Google Analytics has numerous utilities with which thoroughly examine your blog. If you know how to use them, will optimize your blog to receive visits.

Use Google Analytics

April. Use keywords (Keywords) after adequate research

You should aim to words that are mostly used when people search for on Google. To learn, discuss and find keywords using Google AdWords

Now you enter the word related to your niche, and AdWords will show you the competition and global and local searches this has.

May. Join Social Networks and Communities

You have to share your articles on social media, this is something very important and necessary for traffic. Besides this, join communities related to your niche and actively participates in it with their members.

When you contribute something of value, your reputation grows and people remember and will gladly visit your site again.

Sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have millions of users. Share your posts on these sites easily spread.

Some utilities that will help you:
6. Optimize Your Site Design

Customize your site to make it enjoyable to the reader. Reader Review that you like to read your website and it is fully accessible.
The default templates are sometimes unattractive, so it would be good to use themes created with style.
I recommend you search for templates here:  Premium Blogger Templates

7. Links in the Middle of the Post

You reference in your articles Put a link on your input to lead to a complementary item theme, is you is very useful, since people like references.

With this you will get the user to navigate much more time and explore your content. 

For details about this advice, go to Google Alerts  and could be useful.

8. Interact with other Blogs

It commenting on other blogs will get visitors to this quality only if you contribute your comment.

Find a good place where to comment and give your contribution there. This atreará visits.

Use a good username, and you do not notice that only comets to seek views.

9. Subscribe by Email.

Subscribe by Email.

Something very important. 

Many visitors want to receive your updates in their email, many others forget the name of your domain. So you should make sure that you can add to your list of emails.

To activate an email subscription. Head to FeedBurner

10. Be alert to the competition.

Stay informed about the movements of your competitors. Frequently review their publications and implemented new tools. 

Ten aim to be the best at what you do, it works with original quality. Do not allow others to improve yourself, and if you did, get to go up to their level and stay there.

I know there are more tips, but would be good to start begin to apply these.
Finally, work hard and consistently. Only with perseverance you will attain success.And remember that every successful person was also beginner.
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Remove images from the post preview

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 23 November 2013 | 08:31

Saturday, 23 November 2013

WordPress offers a nice method with the preview on all sides to create a proper preview of the actual post. Those who want to use different images for the thumbnail and the main image in the article, makes do with this Wordpress customization.

Different images for post and preview

"Set Post Image" About the WordPress function, a preview can be generated. This is shown for example on pages blog overview, categories, tags or in an author. Like this post image set is I have already written.
To determine the actual contribution of this picture must only be inserted in the article. In the standard setting is now the contribution and the preview image is displayed. About a Wordpress customization of these blemishes can be eliminated.

So your images removed from the content in the Loop

The following code all you have to insert into the functions.php in your WordPress Theme.
With this code, all images will be removed from the post. The restriction on row 4 but this only happens for all areas except the post page itself ensure that all images remain in the post and get the double effect by the post image disappears from your blog.
In contrast to the first snippet in addition all shortcodes are removed. This is useful if, in addition to a picture a caption is used and this is otherwise spent without reference to the image.
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Merry Christmas HD Wallpaper

Merry Christmas HD Wallpaper
To download the image just click with the right mouse button on it and choose "Save As ...". To set the image as wallpaper click with the right mouse button on it and choose "Set as Desktop Background ..."

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