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Remove images from the post preview

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 23 November 2013 | 08:31

WordPress offers a nice method with the preview on all sides to create a proper preview of the actual post. Those who want to use different images for the thumbnail and the main image in the article, makes do with this Wordpress customization.

Different images for post and preview

"Set Post Image" About the WordPress function, a preview can be generated. This is shown for example on pages blog overview, categories, tags or in an author. Like this post image set is I have already written.
To determine the actual contribution of this picture must only be inserted in the article. In the standard setting is now the contribution and the preview image is displayed. About a Wordpress customization of these blemishes can be eliminated.

So your images removed from the content in the Loop

The following code all you have to insert into the functions.php in your WordPress Theme.
With this code, all images will be removed from the post. The restriction on row 4 but this only happens for all areas except the post page itself ensure that all images remain in the post and get the double effect by the post image disappears from your blog.
In contrast to the first snippet in addition all shortcodes are removed. This is useful if, in addition to a picture a caption is used and this is otherwise spent without reference to the image.

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