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Get the URL from a hyperlink in Excel with few simple steps

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 12 July 2014 | 06:05

Saturday, 12 July 2014

To install this all you need to do is:
  1. Hit ALT + F11 (Opens Visual Basic Editor)
  2. Click on Insert -> Module (adds a module to your excel file)
  3. Paste the code below for the function of GETURL
  4. Hit ALT + Q (Closes the Visual Basic Editor)
Now use the =GETURL(cell) to get the URL
Example: =GETURL(A1) will return the URL for the Hyperlink displayed in cell A1
Function GETURL(HyperlinkCell As Range)

 GETURL = HyperlinkCell.Hyperlinks(1).Address

End Function
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How you can profit from your blog?

By: omer nawaz on Thursday, 10 July 2014 | 08:30

Thursday, 10 July 2014

A very profitable way to earn money with a blog is to use it to promote affiliate programs. Especially as a beginner you dare not really expensive to Ad word campaigns etc. zoom. A blog is the perfect alternative: it can be set up easily and you can operate it free.

How does it work in detail? Some operators of free blogs do not allow direct links to affiliate programs. In this case, first you need a so-called landing page. This is a page where you advertise your affiliate product and put a link to the provider. In your blog, you can then create a link to this Landing page.

Now you can set up and start to post contributions your blog. Find a little and write most a certain number of articles in advance and post them at regular intervals (preferably every day) Provide your readers interesting information, so that your blog is being read and the reader on a link to your topic Click on your sales page. A boring blog will quickly clicked away.

There are a variety of affiliate programs. Pick one out, with which you can identify with, then it is easier to apply it.
Shortly more about how to successfully promotes an affiliate program!
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Traffic through Internet forums

By: omer nawaz on Wednesday, 9 July 2014 | 08:30

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Internet forums provide online marketers with a wonderful platform to present themselves to a broad Pubikum. What are the benefits of using online forums?

- Forums search engines are very friendly designed. You can often present themselves to other forum members with a personal profile and sometimes with a signature (including link to your website). Each time you post a review or give a reply, please create a valuable backlink to your site.

- A forum is the best place to learn more about your niche. As a newbie, you can learn a lot in a forum. Depending on the quality of the forum to replace the contributions of so many Lehrbuch. Als expert you can keep in touch with the "base" and learn what issues the other users (and your potential customers) have.

- If you contribute as many posts of high quality, position yourself as an expert in your field. Avoid it, is only available to switch Beiräge to accommodate your link. This is frowned upon by the forum moderators and stopped quickly, so you also hurt your reputation, your most important asset as an internet marketer.

- Add niche specific forums can be found in doubt, a quick answer to your questions or solutions to your problems. Try whenever you like in return is possible, with other Board members on.

- In forums can potential customers see. If you actively participate in the discussions and generous are you with your expertise, you can expect the other forum members click on your link and your products or affiliate products that you recommend to buy. This only works if you have made with high quality contributions have a good reputation.

- Add niche specific forums can find potential business partners. Depending on the topic, there are even specialized sub-forums where you imagine your projects and to find partners. Also from competitors may be able to business partners!

The principles for a successful forums work:

Before you start to post, give yourself once an overview of the forum. What is the style? Dutzt you ask for? Try to get a feel for the forum

Read the Forum Rules carefully and stick to it.

Post "Thank you for this great contribution" to accommodate any short posts a la just to get your Singantur and your link.

Pay attention to the quality of your posts and post only if you really have something to say!
If you want to know which free methods you can still attract visitors to your website, please read more here: Free Traffic for your website
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Squidoo: the easiest way to your own website

By: omer nawaz on Tuesday, 8 July 2014 | 16:21

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

As has long been developed in the USA Squidoo has become a mass phenomenon, the page is in German-speaking countries is still relatively unknown. First of all: this may be because there are no German version of Squidoo. Nevertheless, more and more users from Europe to discover this service.

How Does Squidoo?

In short, Squidoo offers the possibility to provide a page on the net within a very short time. You opened an account and can start immediately. The Squidoo philosophy is: everyone is expert in something and others can benefit from it, when he published this knowledge. Accordingly, there are Squidoo Lenses (Lens = Lens, in the sense of something focused) on virtually any topic.

What is so special about Squidoo?

While just providers of free websites are more restrictive with the possible applications, Squidoo allows it all. On each side of Adsense ads will appear which serve to finance the offer. Unlike other providers involved Squidoo but the user at the revenue that generates its page. The revenue can be either flow into his own pocket, or send a charity project.

In addition, various modules are pre-installed, including Amazon, the matching literature (and now other everything) suitable offer on the subject of the respective lens. A disadvantage for German-speaking users is the fact that only the U.S. branch of the company entpsrechenden is compatible with lenses each to stay at Amazon: only English-language books listed.

But it is also allowed to insert your own affiliate links - the proceeds go 100% to the Lens-master (the lens-maker).

Other interesting modules that can be inserted, but need not be, for example, Ebay, Flickr, Youtube, Google Maps ...

Many of the hundreds of thousands of Lenses are designed to drive traffic to another page. Squidoo pages are rated highly by the search engines and rank well, which makes it a wonderful tool for this purpose.

And do not forget: Squidoo is fun! It can be very satisfying to put in little more than an hour of work (depending on experience) a clean, well-designed site with a wealth of features ready!
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How to calculate percentages

By: omer nawaz on Monday, 7 July 2014 | 09:00

Monday, 7 July 2014

Percent number format in Excel multiplies the value in the cell by 100 and add (show) the% character. It follows that, if the formula in a cell or a cell value, and format before, then is multiplied by a hundred and displays the percentages. E.g., if the cell is 0.24, then there will be formatted 24%. Beware if the first cell formatted as number format percent, and then write it to 0.24, so the cell will be 0.24%. There is therefore no single data entry, and soon formats and then enter values ​​or enter values ​​first and then Format. Detail the calculations of percentages teach a course Excel.

Note: When formulas and functions regardless of the order, it does not matter whether the first numeric We format is a percentage and then enter or vice versa. 

A good tip: Cells can sometimes be formatted during entry. If the cell, which is in the general number format write not only the number but also the% character and we enter, the cell will change not only the content but also the format.
For the calculation of percentages is sufficient if we know the 4 rules:

1. If we want to calculate how much% is part of the basis (total), use the formula:

= Portion / base

and the result formatted as numeric format percent.

2. If you want to increase or decrease the base x%:

= Base * (1 + x%)

and format your result in units, for example. euro, cuts, and the letter below.

In the formula is always a plus sign if we reduce x% enter as a negative number.

3. If you want to calculate what percentage of A is larger or smaller than B:

= A/B-1

and the result formatted as percentages. If the result is positive and is much percent bigger than B, if negative, and it is so much percent smaller than B.

4. If you want to calculate how many units is x% of the base:

= X% * basis

and format your result in units, for example. euro, cuts, and the letter below.
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By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 6 July 2014 | 19:40

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Today, no matter what you write on the web, you need to optimize it for search engines. With more than 2 billion active Internet users in the world, search engines are the best way to get visibility and it is essential to learn to write and write well in order to maximize its visibility. 

To be read and seen, the sinews of war remains the ranking on the search engines! 

There are some key points to remember ... The Basics (SEO): 

The title (H1) should be short, direct and contain keywords 
(preferably less than 120 characters for your item to be easily shared on Twitter) 

Always add titles and "alt descriptions" on your images and links 

Add a relevant key word in paragraph (a maximum of 3 short texts for you and up to 6 for your long texts) 
Reduce the length of your URL and have one or keywords within 

Add a meta description (description of the contents of your article in a few words) 

The use of GRAS, a small benefit. Feel free to use it to maximize your chances. 

The use of internal links as a small benefit. Feel free to link your articles to an additional item that is present on your blog. 

SEO optimization of text 

Despite all these new habits to take during your writing sessions, never forget that what matters most is to have quality content and relevant, not to neglect the basic optimization (titles, URLs, internal links) and have a user-friendly platform.
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The order of calculations in Excel

In Excel, there are several marks, or computational operators. Excel has a precise definition of the order in which the calculations are processed.

() Brackets
^ exponentiation
* / Multiplication and division
+ - The plus and minus
& Bonding characters
>,> =, <, <=, =, <> Comparison

For a better understanding of computational operators, see the article Types of formulas in MS Excel.
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By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 5 July 2014 | 20:06

Saturday, 5 July 2014


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If like me you always try to get a wider audience for your web sites, it is likely that your strategy must pass through optimization for search engines (SEO). 


1. Make sure that every page and section of your site contains at least 300 words of unique content. 
2. Post frequently. 
3. Be relevant. Write articles that you would find personally interesting and you would want to read. 
4. Create catchy titles, and containing relevant keywords. 
5. Add photos and videos (with alt tags including your keyword / key phrase). 
6. Add subtitles: H2 titles, H3. 
7. Do not forget to insert keywords. 
8. Make relevant MetaDescription containing keywords. 
9. Make relevant métatitre containing keywords. 
10. Insert relevant internal links.

By following these 10 tips, your content will be better optimized and I guarantee that your content will be found by search engines. By cons, it takes a little more than these 10 tips to become the "King" of SEO. Feel free to read my other articles on SEO to learn more about this "science."
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