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Squidoo: the easiest way to your own website

By: omer nawaz on Tuesday, 8 July 2014 | 16:21

As has long been developed in the USA Squidoo has become a mass phenomenon, the page is in German-speaking countries is still relatively unknown. First of all: this may be because there are no German version of Squidoo. Nevertheless, more and more users from Europe to discover this service.

How Does Squidoo?

In short, Squidoo offers the possibility to provide a page on the net within a very short time. You opened an account and can start immediately. The Squidoo philosophy is: everyone is expert in something and others can benefit from it, when he published this knowledge. Accordingly, there are Squidoo Lenses (Lens = Lens, in the sense of something focused) on virtually any topic.

What is so special about Squidoo?

While just providers of free websites are more restrictive with the possible applications, Squidoo allows it all. On each side of Adsense ads will appear which serve to finance the offer. Unlike other providers involved Squidoo but the user at the revenue that generates its page. The revenue can be either flow into his own pocket, or send a charity project.

In addition, various modules are pre-installed, including Amazon, the matching literature (and now other everything) suitable offer on the subject of the respective lens. A disadvantage for German-speaking users is the fact that only the U.S. branch of the company entpsrechenden is compatible with lenses each to stay at Amazon: only English-language books listed.

But it is also allowed to insert your own affiliate links - the proceeds go 100% to the Lens-master (the lens-maker).

Other interesting modules that can be inserted, but need not be, for example, Ebay, Flickr, Youtube, Google Maps ...

Many of the hundreds of thousands of Lenses are designed to drive traffic to another page. Squidoo pages are rated highly by the search engines and rank well, which makes it a wonderful tool for this purpose.

And do not forget: Squidoo is fun! It can be very satisfying to put in little more than an hour of work (depending on experience) a clean, well-designed site with a wealth of features ready!

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