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How to calculate percentages

By: omer nawaz on Monday, 7 July 2014 | 09:00

Percent number format in Excel multiplies the value in the cell by 100 and add (show) the% character. It follows that, if the formula in a cell or a cell value, and format before, then is multiplied by a hundred and displays the percentages. E.g., if the cell is 0.24, then there will be formatted 24%. Beware if the first cell formatted as number format percent, and then write it to 0.24, so the cell will be 0.24%. There is therefore no single data entry, and soon formats and then enter values ​​or enter values ​​first and then Format. Detail the calculations of percentages teach a course Excel.

Note: When formulas and functions regardless of the order, it does not matter whether the first numeric We format is a percentage and then enter or vice versa. 

A good tip: Cells can sometimes be formatted during entry. If the cell, which is in the general number format write not only the number but also the% character and we enter, the cell will change not only the content but also the format.
For the calculation of percentages is sufficient if we know the 4 rules:

1. If we want to calculate how much% is part of the basis (total), use the formula:

= Portion / base

and the result formatted as numeric format percent.

2. If you want to increase or decrease the base x%:

= Base * (1 + x%)

and format your result in units, for example. euro, cuts, and the letter below.

In the formula is always a plus sign if we reduce x% enter as a negative number.

3. If you want to calculate what percentage of A is larger or smaller than B:

= A/B-1

and the result formatted as percentages. If the result is positive and is much percent bigger than B, if negative, and it is so much percent smaller than B.

4. If you want to calculate how many units is x% of the base:

= X% * basis

and format your result in units, for example. euro, cuts, and the letter below.

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