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10 SEO Tools for your keywords

By: Umer Nawaz on Wednesday, 8 April 2015 | 05:08

Having a good blog also carries a good optimization of keywords or keywords from our blog, and use the most accurate. But sometimes we do not know  with what words we will find (best keywords or keywords), so we are forced to use certain tools SEO to determine the keywords or keywords.

Free SEO Tools

The operation of these Quick Tools is relatively similar; entered two or three keywords and give us the most sought compositions with those words, so we ADAPTOR the content of our blog a / and the way we write about and so get more visits

Keywords Adwords . Tool created by Google primarily for Adworders or advertisers to compare the most searched keywords. Used to  give approximate keywords  by keywords we give it. It shows the  number of Word Search local and global per month as also the trend and are as competitive Adwords.
Wordtracker .  Generates up to 100 searches related to the keyword entered.

Good Keywords . Application that leverages data from the tool Google Adwords keywords. It is free, it downloads fast and is very useful for  creating databases of our keywords and make querys or queries . To do this we must first download in CSV format from the first tool and import. Allows us to work offline.

Google Insights . Lets  compare search volume and specify type of search (images, news or products), Date, Country and city (subregion). It is a much more complete tool if we are  positioned to a specific area , also shows growth trends searches.

Keyword Playground . This tool gives us a few  relevant results in more traffic  for your keywords. Use the API Wordtracker we saw in section 2, requires filling out a captcha. It allows us to embed a search box on our blog. Although the result is displayed on the page of the tool.

Keyword Discovery . Free tool only shows the first  100 key words  from the  different search engines  like Google, MSN, Yahoo and others. To view more results must pay a subscription but with the first 100 results we can work in a fairly accurate

Google Trends . This excellent tool will  help you choose between two words or phrases  telling which has more traffic and in which countries and time ranges. Ideal for choosing the keyword more efficient once you have a few in mind.

SEOmoz . This site shows you the  top 10  of the  most popular search the entire Internet , their sources are Technorati, Flickr, Delicious, Yahoo, Google, eBay, AOL and others. You can choose the top ten of any date and also shows you the tops of each of the sources.
KGen . Firefox extension that will allow you to view statistics  which keywords best positioned on a page are . You can use both to evaluate the SEO of your own pages like your competition and thus change your strategy.

Phrases generator .  Generates combinations of words , for example if you put nouns in the first box and adjectives Word list 1 in the second, it makes you all possible combinations to use on your website. This step is one of the last and you avoid typing in excess.
Having so many tools does not mean that we have to use all but choose the most appropriate and apply their data to improve our strategies SEO .

Finally, we would like to know your opinion respecting these tools. What do you think is the most important? What do you use?

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