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Sitemaps: one file, multiple content types

By: Umer Nawaz on Wednesday, 8 April 2015 | 05:07

Have you ever wanted to send multiple types of content (video, images, etc.) in one Sitemap ? Now you can. If your site contains videos, images, URLs, mobile, code or geographic information, you can now create and send a single Sitemap with this information.

Webmasters around the world have used Sitemaps to inform Google of its content since first introduced in 2005. Since then they have introduced other specialized Sitemap formats to accommodate video, images, mobile URLs, code or geographic content . With an increasing number of specialized formats, we would ease the process admitting Sitemaps that can include different types of content in a single file.

Sitemap structure with different contents are similar to normal sitemap, but with the option to include URLs that refer to different types of content. An example of a Sitemap with reference to a standard web page for Web search, image content for image search, and a reference video to be included searches of videos we present:

     xmlns: image = ""
     xmlns: video = "">
   Grilling tofu for summer

This is an example of what you'll see in the Google webmaster tools when you submit a Sitemap with multiple content types:

We expect the ability to include multiple content types in the same SITMAP will make things easier. The remaining rules Sitemaps , as the maximum inclusion of 50,000 URLs in a file and the file size limit of 10 MB uncompressed still in force. If you have questions or suggestions, please visit our Webmaster Help Forum .

Posted by Jonathan Simon, Webmaster Trends Analyst. In Xavier, Search Quality team.

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