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Microsoft Excel opens very slow: Possible solution

By: omer nawaz on Wednesday, 31 December 2014 | 22:14

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The symptoms are these: Excel opens very slow when you double click on a file spreadsheet, taking 30 seconds to several minutes to open. However when opening Excel only this opens fast and normal. If this is your problem solving can be disable DDE.

 Try the following: 

1) Click on Start> Control Panel> Folder Options

2) In the Folder Options dialog box, click on the rates tab and go down to "Spreadsheet XLS Microsoft Excel" and mark. Then click on Advanced Options

3) We make the Open option and click on Edit

4) Uncheck the option Use DDE . In the text box Application used to perform action we add at the end "% 1" (very important also put the quotation marks). Finally press OK .

Testing. Now should open Excel documents faster upon double clicking them.
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Vector decomposed into its components and graph

Decomposition of a vector into its components and graph

To decompose a vector into its components in "X" and "Y" trigonometric functions are used.

It works out as:

Fx = F * Cos (Angle)

Fy = F * Sen (Angulo)



Fx , Fy - > Components in X and Y respectively

F - > Vector into consideration, (can be Strength, speed, etc )

( Angle ) - > Angle in radians
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Returns the k - th largest value of a dataset . This may be used to select a value based on their relative position. For example, you can use LARGE to return the highest value of a result, the second result or third.


LARGE (array, k)

Array is the array or range of data the k - th largest value you want to determine.
K represents the position (from the higher value ) within the array or range of cells, the data to be returned.


Returns the k - th smallest value of a dataset. Use this function to return values ​​with a specific relative position within a data set.


SMALL (array, k)

Array is an array or range of numerical data whose k - th smallest value you want to determine .
K is the position within the array or range of data, the data to be returned, determined from the smallest value.
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How to convert A file to PDF

By: omer nawaz on Tuesday, 30 December 2014 | 21:59

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

There are several applications for this task, but as is standard blog will choose a free it easy and reliable, such as PDF Creator , a virtual printer that does is convert any text file or image to Portable Document Format (PDF ) format serves primarily to anyone tamper with files to be distributed.

The first is to download PDF Creator , installed and ready.Steps in the installation:
  • We accept terms of use. Next.
  • Install the "explorer OfferBox" say no and start the real download.
  • The real installer opens, choose the language.Next.
  • We accept the agreement. Next.
  • We chose standard installation. Next.
  • We leave the name as is. Next.
  • We leave the installation folder as is. Next.
  • Uncheck the tab set Yahoo as the default search engine. Next.
  • Custom Install uncheck all meno aid in English and spanish language. Next.
  • Making a tab not create folder in the start menu. Next.
  • PDF Creator associate the furthest extension .ps and the rest as is. Next. Install.

From then to convert a file to PDF we open it with any application, eg. the Word, give the button "print ", and instead choose the printer you have default we ask it to print in" PDF Creator . " Within seconds we'll have where have told you and with properties ayamos set him, for we can password protect your copy on clipboards, etc. Note : After installation you can remove the two installation folders that you downloaded (not the shortcut), or guard the second in our folder "software" for future installations off -line. The shortcut does not make much sense if you going to use from applications. I hope I have helped.
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Frequency distribution by Rule Sturgess

Frequency distribution by Rule Sturges
To construct a frequency distribution by rule Sturgess need to find three data.

1. The number of classes (k).

To calculate the number of classes needed in our distribution the following formula is used

   k = 1 + 3.322 log n

Where n is the amount of data in our sample , the value of k must be an integer , therefore , you should always round up to the nearest whole number.

2. The range of our data (R).

Range is as follows :

R = higher value - lower value

3. The amplitude of each class. (A).

To the extent the following is done :

A = k / R

The explanation of the construction of the frequency distribution by rule Sturgess with Excel.
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Current Age

Find the age of a person based on the birth date and the current date, the time to find the difference, convert the result to format in years.

Normally databases include the general data of a person, including those general data is the date of birth, a classic requested operation is to calculate the age of the person to the current date; In Excel we can make a small operation that allows us to calculate the age of a very simple way.


For this, we need to first perform a subtraction of the current date minus date of birth, the result is in a numeric format, in this numerical result we apply a suitable format which would convert it to a date which only use the year.
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How to play the .flv video

By: omer nawaz on Monday, 29 December 2014 | 09:00

Monday, 29 December 2014

Flash Video FLV means and programs that perform trivial task called play FLV readers because paradoxically, the Adobe Flash Player no use to play flash videos.

This software allows you to view in your browser all kinds of multimedia wonders that exiben from every corner of the Web until almost all the commercials we see on television. These files are mounted on documents with extension flash SWF without the Adobe Flash Player , which should come from the factory with all operating systems, instead of the clip or animation that should look no further, a warning appears with a link that lets it fit. I Download it if you have it so you can see properly all pages, however, this software also you will see the flash, ie videos FLV . In order to see the videos in flash have to download and install one of the following free programs (I recommend this first): • VLC Media Player one blast.

VLC Media Player plays almost any video and audio format.Surely this ability is the reason why millions of users consider it the best. The compatibility with all kinds of multimedia files is because VLC Media Player brings its own set of codecs. In this way, VLC does not depend on those who have installed on Windows. The interface of VLC Media Player has no secrets even for novice users. It handles with ease. Despite this, it also features advanced options like streaming to send a video signal over the Internet. Throughout its development, the program has been specializing in video playback. This is clearly seen in the possibilities of adding subtitles and handle multiple audio tracks associated with a movie. Another aspect that makes many users opt for VLC Media Player is the ability to open incomplete videos downloaded through eMule. But I do not I have told you ok?
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One option that gives us excel is the ability to perform queries in other books, such as data search an employee or sales you made that employee for a certain period of time and which are contained in another book.

In excel performing an operation of this type is identified with the name EXTERNAL REFERENCE can create references are following certain steps.

You can reference the contents of cells in another workbook using an external reference. An external reference (also called link ) is a reference to a cell or range of cells on a worksheet in another workbook in Excel, or a reference to a defined name in another book. 

You can reference ranges specific cells, a specific name ranges of cells, or define a name for the external reference.

The formulas with external references to other books are displayed in two ways, depending on whether the source workbook, which provides data to the formula, is opened or closed in Excel.

When the source workbook is open in Excel, external reference includes the workbook name in square brackets ([]), followed by the name of the worksheet, an exclamation mark (!) And cells on which depends the formula. 

For example- the following formula adds cells C10 : C25 Budget.xls book.

External Reference
= SUM ([Presupuesto.xlsx] Annual C10 : C25)

If the source workbook is closed in Excel, external reference includes the entire path.

External Reference
= SUM ('C: \ Report \ [Presupuesto.xlsx] Annual' C10 : C25)

The formulas linked to a defined name in another workbook using the workbook name followed by an exclamation mark (!) And name. 

For example- the following formula sums the cells in the range Presupuesto.xlsx Book Sales.

= SUM ([ Presupuesto.xlsx] Sales)

Where can effectively use external references

External references are especially useful when it is not practical to hold together in the same workbook sheet models of large calculation.
  •    Combine data from several books
  •    Create different presentations of data
  •    Simplify large and complex models
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Survey in Excel with SkyDrive

In the activity of the day we will take the resources offered SkyDrive service that is included in your Outlook Hotmail account now. 

Microsoft SkyDrive (formerly Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Live Folders ) is a service file hosting platform in the cloud, operated by Microsoft. 

The service allows users to upload files from a computer and store them online and access them from a web browser or local device. 

The service uses a Microsoft account to control access to user files . Files that are publicly share not require a Microsoft account to access . In this case we will use the features included in what is called Office Web Apps with which we will use the "Survey" tool. 

Office Web Apps. 

Office Web Apps is part of SkyDrive that allows users to upload, create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents directly within a web browser. 

 Includes versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, and provides functionality for users to collaborate on documents stored on SkyDrive.
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How to save videos from YouTube

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 28 December 2014 | 08:00

Sunday, 28 December 2014

YouTube videos are videos made in flash, hence the .flv extension (not to be confused with .fla flash animations). When we see from the YouTube page or another page that has embedded one of these videos, we feel that we can not keep them because there is no button that gives us the download, nothing further.

The same applies to Google videos. This is a format that become fashionable because it's comfortable for servers and webmastes but quite uncomfortable to pardillo we've been all who want to save and do not see a single button that should be there to download. Amid row with piracy, jargon means that we sometimes agilipollada computer, and discrimination is made, sometimes unwittingly, from the heavyweights of cyberspace, I'm not surprised at all that the poor unsuspecting average sailor, so tenegamos acojonado in Half of the digital divide both supposed to strive mightily to dissolve all.Let's take a little soap to these honorable Youtube videos. It is pure appearance that we can not keep us jokes and whack someone in their day altruistically hung there for the joy of the Information Society as a whole.

Actually, when we see these videos is that they remain in the cache until we turned off the computer.The hard part is to locate them to keep them, but there is free software that does this task by us with videos from YouTube and many other video types (not all) that apparently only be seen so online.

I recommend ATube Catcher and what you can download it here . 

It's incredibly easy handling but if you have any problems also can check its mini-man- ual .

However, there are other programs that once downloaded and installed on your computer, offering the ability to save these videos as it should, ie asking a name and location for them before, during or after viewing.
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Remove same data in a list

To delete the same data that is contained within a database , use the procedure shown left.
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Linear Equations

Today, try solving a system of linear equations using matrix operations for it, from the formulas.

We used MINVERSE function, which we get the inverse matrix and MMULT function, obtaining with it the result of multiplying two matrices.
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Solver - Solving Linear Equations

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 27 December 2014 | 05:01

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Linear equations are the most algebraic expressions used in different fields of science, from engineering through the science of human behavior to reach medical areas . 

A linear equation receives this name because when we get on a plane to graph results in the graph of a straight line. 

We linear equations with two or more variables the representation of these equations can be: 
  • Two variables -      3x + 2y = 8 
  • Three variables -   3x - 5y + 6z = -10 
  • Four variables -     w - 9x + 5y - 8z = -15

To solve a system of linear equations, we need to have the same number of equations and variables, that is, if I have a system of two variables , I need two equations to solve , if I have three variables , I need three equations and so on.
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Excel no longer expects

By: omer nawaz on Friday, 26 December 2014 | 08:39

Friday, 26 December 2014

This is a very stupid thing. Suddenly no longer expects Excel , when you type something .
Probable Cause: The automatic calculation has been turned off .


A) Up Excel 2003
About menu Tools -> Options - > Up tab Calculation - there select Automatic

B) From Excel 2007 Version 1:

Top left clicking on the Excel button in the dialog below right click Excel Options .
Select it, the following dialog formulas left .
Then select Automatic right in workbook calculation.

Version 2:
In the ribbon, select the tab formulas.
Click Turn right calculation options .
Then tick Automatic.

Possible causes:

1. accidentally changed itself
2. Irdenein Dödel has disconnected them about these macros and forget to turn
3. Other ...
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Disappeared scrollbars

By: omer nawaz on Thursday, 25 December 2014 | 02:33

Thursday, 25 December 2014

This is a very stupid thing. Suddenly no longer expects Excel when you type. 

Probable cause: The automatic calculation has been turned off. Remedy: A) Up Excel 2003 About menu Tools -> Options -> Up tab Calculation - there select Automatic B) From Excel 2007 

Version 1 : Top left clicking on the Excel button in the dialog at the bottom right click Excel Options. Select it, the following dialog left formulas. Then select Automatic right in workbook calculation.

Option 2: Select In the Ribbon tab formulas. click Turn right calculation options. 
Then automatically hook. Possible causes: first Even accidentally changed . 2 Irdenein Dödel have them switched off and on again forget about these macros . 3 Other ... 
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Disappeared scrollbars

You can no longer on the spreadsheet up and down or left and right with the scroll bar to move, because that's just gone at once. Gone - vanished into thin air - Fort as nothing ... Remedy: A) Up Excel 2003About the Tools menu - there select the bottom right horizontal and vertical scroll bars -> Options -> Top View tab. B) From Excel 2007 links at the top of the Excel button click, then in the dialog at the bottom right click Excel Options. Select it, the following dialog left Advanced. Then right as far down until youshow options for this workbook see. each set below this heading horizontal and vertical scroll bars a check mark. 
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