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How to create links to your blog post

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 28 February 2015 | 01:11

How to create links within an entry is one question that many people ask and do not know they can create links that point to a particular point in a post on your blog. It is a very useful feature when you want to indicate a specific piece of text, without the reader having to look for it. It is also useful if you're writing a lengthy article and would facilitate navigation of the reader. Discover how easy it is to use the resource.


See how it works
Actually, this is a fairly old HTML feature, but is rarely used in blogs. The only point which is well used more is on the buttons to return to the beginning of the blog. But, as I said earlier, may be helpful in providing tickets for the life of your reader.
Two steps are necessary to use it (and you can click on the titles to go directly to each item):
1. Mark the points where the links are highlighted
2. Create the links pointing to the desired point

Then you will see in detail how.
1. Mark the points where the links are highlighted

The first step is to mark the point where the link points. One difficulty is that neither the publisher nor Blogger or Windows Live Writer allows you to create automatically the marking, and you must edit the HTML code to manually put the code. However, it is quite simple.
Watch the HTML code, the point where the hubs should be as in the following example:
<Name = " introduction "> </a> introduction
Text marked in blue does not appear on your page should be different at every point where there will be a link pointing to the entrance.
Red text is the code snippet shown on your page now. It may be a caption or just a word into the post.

Using as an example the subtitle this section you are reading, looked like this:

<H2 align = "justify"> <a name = "pointmarks" & gt; 1. Mark the points where the links are highlighted </a> </ h2>

Do this on all points where You will aim links.

2. Create the links pointing to the desired point

The second step is to create the desired point to point in your post link. This is easier to do in Windows Live Writer, because provides this functionality. In Blogger, you must have a manual adjustment.

To do this, do it like a normal link: select the text fragment that if transformed into link and click on the link button (or press the CTRL + K). Open the window to set the hook.

As an example, we will create a link with the text "sees the introduction," the site we created in the previous article. Instead of typing the address to which the link will point you must fill only # introduction. Another important point is that the table indicates that the link will open in a new window should be deleted.

How to create links within the post Windows Live Writer
In Windows Live Writer, the link will be created successfully and will be as follows:
<A href = "# introduction" & gt; Go to </a> introduction

b) Blogger Editor

In Blogger, you need to go to HTML and fix the link. It is created as the example below.
<A href = "http: // # introduction" Go to the introduction </ a>
IMPORTANT: you must leave this fix to be done only after completing their publication. This is necessary because, if you return to editor mode "write", he will get into your code. Therefore, you must fix all links at once and click "Post" to prevent the code is changed.

c) Create links to specific points of other inputs

Links can also be created for other inputs. Here is an example when you click preview, which will take you to that item in another article. The only difference is that you must specify how to link the address of the page and choose where you want to point.


Although it is a simple, is a bit annoying to use because of the limitations of the editors. But, with a little care and patience, you can use it without much difficulty.

It can be a key differentiator for your readers!

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