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How to monetize his blog blogger - blogspot

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 10 January 2015 | 20:53

You started your blog, and you Strive to offer you interesting content to your readers. It is normal to want to think of me supplement his income especially when some admit we get to round off their month-end with. And that's good because there are more and more ways to monetize their blog. 

I have also discovered that there were advertising agencies created specifically for blogs.
Sell ​​links
The first method to earn a little money is to sell links. Text Link Ads is the most known authority on this but if you are allergic to English you can also go voirLinklift. On the advertiser side is benefiting as it improves its SEO and you earn money. The principle is simple. The more your blog can improve the SEO of the advertiser and you can win money. The selection criteria are certainly based on these indicators :
  •     Pagerank
  •     Alexa ranking
  •     The classification Technocrati

In fact the site FAQ TLA ( Text Link Ads ) indicates that the factors are as follows: "traffic , theme , ad position , and link popularity ." But the first and the last are measured by Google and pagerank and Alexa / Technocrati .
Write sponsored posts
I think I would never use this method unless the ticket is directly related to my blog AND the content is interesting. Otherwise we soon found writing posts on a blog for Danette high tech : D But the compensation of such advertising could even any interest. Indeed, the blog BusinessAttitude shows that for 3 or 4 sponsored posts , he won € 150 , more than € 35 ticket. Anyway! In short, if you decide to use this method, it goes surBlogRider.
Display Ad

This is certainly the method which we talk more. Indeed it is the simplest and most visible. You display advertising at specific locations of your blog. Google Adsense is king in this area.
I am setting up
I think soon put the pub on this blog in order to test it all and get back to you then. But before that, I have to write some more articles. I prefer to spend time to update the blog, rather than to the pub at the moment. I think using Google Adsense and TLA / Linklift.
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