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How to increase advertising rates on your website

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 10 January 2015 | 21:48

Beyond the fact to ensure a consistent traffic and notoriety in its industry , being the leader of its theme allows you to use this situation to revise upwards the rates of banners and campaigns available to advertisers.


Explanation and details of this often little known practice of webmasters and bloggers but 
widespread in the traditional media.Bounty leaders!

When a site is part of the best known and most visited of its kind , it has a sort of " premium leaders" that allows him to present advertisers with higher rates for advertising campaigns.
This phenomenon is particularly enhanced when the site is an undisputed leader in its sector and drains a lot more traffic than the entire rest of its competitors . A picture of a Doctissimo , for example, in the healthcare field.

Is that we might call " premium leaders ": the fact that the calculation of advertising rates is not only related proportionally to his merchandise or his hearing, but a " ratio X " comes into play , depending on its status as a leader in its sector to revise upwards these rates.
The reason for this practice is the following: we consider that advertisers are willing - and must - pay more for the broadcasting of advertising on a medium that allows them to reach a majority or a very large part of the public or their target.

On the web , many major sites are in this situation and charge CPM advertising campaigns or special operations on the basis of prices that were much higher than the average of other sites if they were brought back to the number of visitors.

Just because these sites are among the leaders in their field and can provide advertisers with an advertising campaign will allow them to reach a very large part of their target and millions of Internet users.

The example of the difference between TF1 and M6
This method of calculation for the rates for advertising campaigns is not only valid on the Internet. Rather, it comes from more traditional media , particularly television.
Thus, the "prime leaders " also applies to set prices "advertising pages" on the major channels. Including the two most important free private channels TF1 and M6.

Consider an example . Let's say that over time , TF1 has average audience share of 30% and, at the same time , M6 is 15 % of market share over the same period . In this case, advertising larégie TF1 will not sell twice as expensive advertising spots than M6 - which would seem logical on a strict proportional terms - but two and a half or three times more.

A big advantage to increase its advertising revenue and sales . Therefore easy to understand the eagerness of channels or radio stations to fight for that place dominant in their sector. Especially on specific targets , including the famous " housewife under 50 " - has now become "woman responsible for purchasing " - or AB + , highly prized by advertisers.

How to use this advantage to increase the prices of its banners
If you have a website or blog leader in its theme or a particular target , you are well advised to take advantage of this position to revise upward the price of advertising campaigns you offer to advertisers. And not only index in proportion to the traffic of your site.

Difficult to give a precise figure for the coefficient of increase that you can apply on advertising rates in your site. Some elements like the target and the theme of the site and the differential audience with the competition must also be taken into consideration. But you can expect a minimum increase of 20 to 30% of the price of banner ads.
Do not hesitate to well highlight this argument to advertisers and advertising promotion on your device (Media Kit page advertisers , etc).

Of course, this applies especially for sites that market their banners advertisers directly , bypassing governed . For those whose monetization strategy is based on CPC advertising - like Google AdSense , for example - the question does not arise.

Note that the sites taken governed by an exclusive advertising will have an incentive to report their leading position in their sector so that the control can use this argument to interested advertisers.

Beyond the interest that this represents in terms of traffic acquisition , being the best known and most visited website of its thematic allows to use this effect of " premium leaders" to increase rates banner ads sold directly to advertisers.
And you , did you know this factor "premium leaders "? Do you use it already for your site or blog , or do you use it ?

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