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How to enjoy the video to monetize your site and generate more revenue

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 11 January 2015 | 05:20

For several months, the area of ​​Internet video has totally exploded. Billions of videos are views each month worldwide. 

Advertisers have rushed into this market and new opportunities have emerged for websites and blogs.


Discover how you can generate new revenue for your site or blog with video .

Video on the Internet: a rapidly expanding sector

At a time when we wanted to watch a video on the Internet , you had to learn to be patient . Start by finding a site that offered . Put the load on video. Time to make a coffee - or even more to allow load . Then finally able to hope to take a few minutes of video.

This time not less than 10 years may not know has changed. ADSL connections have emerged in homes and platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo have emerged.

Today, video has become a leading media on the Internet. Whose importance grows each year. The number of YouTube monthly page views is in the billions. 

It has become the second most used web search engine, the number of requests, behind Google .


As you can see , the video is an area that has exploded on the Internet and it's not about to stop !

A new opportunity for websites and blog
If at first , the rise of the video is mostly done at the online video platforms , more and more websites offer their own videos directly via their own video player. Without using a platform like YouTube or Vimeo.

Moreover , more and more webmasters and bloggers promote the creation of video content to power their website or blog. Particularly in terms of the major sites of the web.
And I urge you to consider the option of doing the same thing . Whatever your website or blog. Because who says video does not say necessarily expensive equipment and high technology skills.

Create video content has become easier

Today, between the ability to make videos that take the road from a high-end smartphone , buy a quality pocket camcorder for a few dollars , to use models pre- constructed animated video capture or record videos of the screen by adding to it a voice-over , creating video content for the web is becoming increasingly simple and accessible.
Besides the opportunity to return and edit previously recorded video streams which you have rights.

So why would both seek to develop the creation of videos for their website or blog ?
Beyond the perceived value to your site and improve the user experience, the reason is simple : the video has excellent opportunities for business . And thus helps boost monetizing your website or blog.

The video advertising industry has exploded online

The first option to explore when you want to monetize their videos on the Internet is advertising. Until then, nothing new.

But what is interesting is that the Internet video advertising is trading at much higher rates than for standard display banner ads on web pages. It must be said that the video advertising formats are much more impacting and effective for the advertiser.

Expect an average CPM - cost per thousand views - of up to € 25 for very quality video content on premium sites. And an average that is around 10 € to 15 € on video content only "professionals" - therefore not directly added by users - for sites and traditional blogs.
Very much higher prices charged for the CPM means traditional banners.

The demand is growing faster than supply !

And this phenomenon is not about to stop because the number of advertisers on the sector should continue to grow this year. Like their advertising budget to video advertising. This is a real trend . Advertisers demand side increased more than the number of video views every month and publishers of video advertising capabilities .

Clearly, this means that the demand is higher than supply. Or at least that the trend is a much more interesting way for publishers in the traditional sector banners and classical Internet advertising. Area in which the offer - the number of sites and blogs that disseminate advertising - is huge, while demand - the number of advertisers and their budget - has not grown as much.

Hence a real opportunity for bloggers and webmasters can generate good income with video through advertising .


Specialized advertising agencies in the video

To make the connection between advertisers and publishers, advertising agencies specialized in the video have developed. It's the easiest way for a blogger or webmaster of broadcast advertising with videos. Among video ad networks operating in France include notammentAdVideum or StickyADStv.


By cons , better already have a nice audience since a minimum of 100,000 video views per month is required to integrate these advertising agencies.

Video sponsoring develops

If you do not have sufficient hearing to integrate these boards or you want to keep running your video ad inventory , you can sell advertising directly to advertisers. As is done in traditional banners on websites and blogs.

Given the technical specifications due to the video, today, most of the sale of live video advertising to advertisers is rather a sponsorship model. Anyway for the sites and blogs that intermediate size do not have the human and technical resources to manage a dedicated advertising.

A video in the form of sponsorship advertising sponsorship

Video sponsoring this can take many forms. The most common, video advertising, is comparable to what we call the advertising sponsorship. Jingle 5 seconds at the beginning of the video, which shows the logo of the advertiser with a voiceover that says: " This video is brought to you by [ Advertiser Name ] " . Similarly at the end of the video.
Sponsoring generally on a class or series of videos on the site, or so throughout the published video content during a given period.

This is the video ad type the easiest to implement, by itself , when we want to sell advertising directly to advertisers to the video. And easier to deal with advertisers who are not necessarily the major CAC 40 and have no advertising video spot 15 or 30 seconds.

Other opportunities to exploit

Another way to monetize their videos is through the "Partner Program" YouTube. Indeed, the online video platform has developed Monetization party for the original creators of video content. For this it is necessary to associate his YouTube account and its video channel to a Google AdSense account that will handle the management of revenues.

The money comes from the sharing of gains between the creator and YouTube videos for revenue from AdSense ads on their videos.

Finally, beyond the revenues generated through advertising , videos can also bring other monetization opportunities. Sometimes more indirect.

Use the impact and the perceived value of the video

For example, videos can serve as very effective presentation support during a product launch. Whether it's a digital book, online training , a WordPress plugin or even a physical product or service. They can also be used, such as video presentation for products you offer in affiliation.

Besides, always about digital products, the use of video as a primary medium for online training will provide a perceived value and added value to the product. Benefits should not be overlooked and often will improve the attractiveness and sales of this type of digital product.


As you can see , the explosion of Internet video industry brings in terms of monetization, new opportunities for webmasters and bloggers to generate new revenus.Majoritairement in advertising. But not only. Other opportunities, especially related to paid model, are also interesting to grasp.

And you, you already publish videos on your website or blog? How do you monetize? If not, do you find interesting the idea to put yourself in the video?

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