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Excel 2007/2010 transfer passengers - macro recording

By: omer nawaz on Tuesday, 6 January 2015 | 03:06

Excel 2007 - Macro Recorder
Aufzeichen macros etc .. has also been well hidden.
They come to it as follows :

About the Office button on the top left and bottom right in the opened dialog Excel Options.


Then Frequently in the Excel Options dialog top left Now you can use the right in the upper third of a hook at:

Show Developer tab in the Ribbon set.

Now just OK and you now have in your ribbon an additional menu :
Developer Tools
Now enjoy browsing it.

Note that if you pressed record macro , this command changes into Stop Recording and stop so that the macro recorder. Stop command you also have the bottom left of your status bar.

Short Conclusion
The optics - especially of terminating a recording - I do not just succeeded.

Added to this is that the macro recorder does not work as it was supposed to , anyway, after my brief experiments with it. Well, we'll see , but it's definitely good if you still have a different version of Excel , where you can record something has to.

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