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Duplex printing and its case

By: omer nawaz on Monday, 5 January 2015 | 11:59

Duplex printing and its case

General information on duplex printing

A wonderful thing is that it is now possible with almost any printer to print on the front and back of a sheet of paper. The so-called duplex printing.

A prerequisite for this is also enabled in the printer driver that option. In Excel , you can set it like this:


- "File" menu
- " Page Setup ... "
- In the " Paper Size" on the "Print" button
Select the printer you want -
- On the "Properties ..." button

This will open the configuration dialog for the selected printer . However, since this depends on the printer , I can suggest no universal approach here. You have to look where hiding this option itself. You can call themselves " duplex printing ", " both sides ", " Two -Sided" or similar. The Setup dialog box of the printer they leave with "OK" .

If the two-sided printing enabled in the printer ( driver ), a spreadsheet that does not fit on a printed page, automatically printed on the back on.

This also goes wonderfully with several table and chart sheets.
If you want to , for example, Print a list in Sheet1 and an associated graph in the leaf diagram 1 on the front and back of a paper page , you mark with the Ctrl - key registers Table 1 and diagram 1 and printed on a duplex printer as usual. This will result in most cases, the desired two-sided printing.
The trap
Double-sided printing still does not work ?

This happened to me more than once that I just failed to print on both sides .
Exasperated, I avoided the problem with a complex VBA routine that everything copied to a spreadsheet created and page breaks.

By chance I recently discovered the cause of failure : If the duplex printing is not working as designed , you must apply to all affected table and chart sheets individually (without grouping of leaves !) Check the printer settings and optionally enable duplex printing . Because it can be , for whatever reason , that the Duplex setting is not active in this / was.

It can happen that individual leaves do not accept this setting , despite duplex activation for the grouping of leaves.


Does the duplex printing is not as desired, set for each page duplex printing (without printing) and try it again then.

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