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Blattschutz- cell protection - protect formulas

By: omer nawaz on Monday, 5 January 2015 | 11:55

Blade guard - cell protection - protection formula

Preface :

Your everlasting diligence you have equipped built with complex formulas varied tables and now ... is your fear of course great that this was all for naught, 

because some bumbling fingers - and this may well be your own - destroy formulas, move rows, columns, Clear and and and ...However, you can of course make provisions ( Not to mention that you should of course have backups).

But before we first begin a : Protecting what we are discussing here is not immune to bad boys .

To test this, take a new empty wallet and there the first worksheet


Write in cell B1 a 26 in a 16 C1 and D1 = B1 + C1

If you now have the cell marked D1, shown in the formula bar the extraordinary again not reproducible ingenious formula , which I bought for you under the moonlight by a werewolf .

Select the range B1 to D1 , just as you would want to reformat it . And we also need the dialog to format . This call easiest using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + 1 auf.Es The dialog Format Cells . And in this dialogue , there are top-right corner the Protection tab . In this tab, there are 2 check boxes:


In general, the box of Locked is checked, this of Hidden not .
The box of Locked is responsible for whether after arming the blade guard the cell is locked.
The box of the Hidden is responsible if after arming the blade guard a possible formula of the cell is hidden.

Now put another check mark in the Hidden and exit the dialog with OK.

Cursed be the day on which the werewolf not eaten the authors of this article . Because if you click on D1, you still see the formula in the formula bar and you can change all the cells still . But give the werewolf still some time before it spoils the stomach.


All this fuss which we have previously held , was only preliminary . We need Excel now even instruct that the blade guard is enabled.

Through Excel 2003, click the Tools menu - > Protect Sheet -> Protection
From Excel 2007 in the register and check there to protect sheet

If you click there , a dialog box in which you can play around manifold opens.
Since Excel XP ( Excel 2002) because you can also set all great stuff .

But we still want to keep something serious.
The first thing that the password is eye-catching . Yep , I 'm about to fire up my time password generator and ...

Oh, for the first test, you do not need a password. Simply click on OK. This turns the blade guard without a password , ie, You can remove sheet protection without password.

Once this has happened , try times in cells B1 to D1 enter anything.
They are prevented from Excel it. And if you click the cell D1, you do not even see the formula.

All well and good - but not useful , because I want already in B1 or C1 something can enter .
To do this we raise the blade guard again: I do not trust you that you will find blade guard picked up! Well the way, if you have not entered a password, goes much faster.

After lifting the blade guard select cells B1 and C1 and call the Format dialog . Then again, Protection tab and remove the check mark from when Locked and OK.
Now turn off the blade guard again and look forward to the things and send especially the werewolf home.

Just like you wanted it , the cell is D1 banned (and even the formula hidden) and the cells B1 and C1 may be edited.

During the blade guard is off, the cells for the blade guard müsssen be formatted if they are protected with active guard and whether formulas are displayed.
Only if the guard is enabled, these settings come to fruition .

Company is more blessed than Type

For I suppose you just look at the hope that all of this is done with a few clicks .
You have to fight your way through your worksheets and decide everywhere which cells you want to edit, and where you want to hide and what ...

You also need to protect each worksheet individually , in which the blade guard is to be effectively active.

If you work with macros , then the whole is even more uncomfortable because you have to remove and restore protection in the background constantly .

A password and its consequences, and it is worth nothing
When it comes to passwords, understands the common password mouse no fun. Because even children under 3 years already know that a password like "secret " is now not really sure and you want to apply those passwords never for any password-protected access.

And now the reader will of course come up with the idea to provide his guard with a password, which can not guess even a high-performance computer in 42 billion years.

In fact, it is usually the interested reader, the sometime can not guess it and begins to cry bitterly.

You can set a password so complicated it also can think of - place on a blade guard, it is worth nothing - unfortunately.

The protective mechanism in Excel for sheet protection on a level that can pry it in 2 hours on the internet a 2 -Jähriger VBA Informed petty criminal.

So do not make the effort to think too complicated. If you are using any password, one that you will remember for sure.

And do not you remember that you can use it to protect your intellectual property.


Blade guard is a more than 2- Schneidig thing for me . There are very few truly meaningful situations in which I use it. Because the blade guard also hindered immensely.
Fortunately, you can E2002 since at least allow some stuff in the leaf blade guard but despite that really does not help this.

Blade guard is good if you can be absolutely sure that the user should really active in the Journal entries only . And nothing else. Then he really is - almost - really good.
Blade guard is also good when I turn it on for myself. Because then I can turn it off if necessary also for myself.

He is unfit to formulas to hide safely in any case.

And he's definitely unfit for it to make a journal entry really safe . This prevents Microsoft already !

And he is unfit in any case , to the fall ... oops , I think that's another topic.

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