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Big data : to avoid the nightmare, strengthen your network performance and build on the best profiles !

By: omer nawaz on Wednesday, 14 January 2015 | 11:05

CIRCLE. Stéphane Duproz - Access to the internet, everywhere and for all, 

the proliferation of digital devices and services generated a phenomenon 

that the Anglo-Saxons call "Big data" or "big data." That is to say inflation data such 

that it becomes difficult or impossible to manage in conventional databases.


For businesses, big data can become a nightmare, a "Fat data" or on the contrary a great opportunity if they know to take it. The nightmare, one perceives the good: invaded by the data (for example, 3 billion documents are exchanged each month on Facebook), not knowing how to deal with, the company is content to invest in storage arrays which over the months will take on the appearance of these linear kilometers of archive documents languishing in the basement of some large companies and administrations. This vision is a huge mess, because data that is no longer in use becomes a burden and especially a cost center.

Success through a high-performance connectivity

The challenge for the company will be to keep the data alive so that they are used effectively, which requires the establishment of systems for dynamic traffic and analyzing information. In this context, neutral data centers offer the ideal environment to streamline servers, organize flows and also host and protect data. This implies of course a high performance data center connectivity, can offer not only access to various operators, but also an interconnection "seamless" with other data centers. To illustrate the importance of the performance of connectivity, we can take the example of high-frequency trading, which is to run the computers of financial transactions in an extremely short time (on the order of microseconds). A faulty connection or less efficient than the competition can cost an operator tens of millions of euros.

Downstream, the company will use business intelligence solutions because it must be able to make available to the right people - customers, employees, suppliers - the right information at the right time. And that's where the Big data is a tremendous opportunity for the company because it has more organized data, the more it will be able to use it in a useful way to develop its business. A greater number of available data, it is more about customers, prospects, competitors and therefore the possibility to target production and marketing campaigns.

The Big data will lead to the creation of skilled jobs

A study a few months ago by McKinsey shows how the Big data can become an extraordinary item in productivity for the company. Health, retail, government, manufacturing ... all these sectors have much to gain if they learn to use their data. Analysts estimate and a distributor that will take advantage of big data will see its operating margin to increase by 60%. But the Big data has an impact on the company's performance. It is also us, said the study, an incredible source of employment: nearly 200 000 analysts and over 1.5 million managers capable of analyzing the data will be needed by 2018 than anything States States.

Admittedly, the road is still long enough until all companies have not only understood the issue, but mostly have implemented the means to achieve it. For directions of information systems, data management, particularly the Big data, will remain a puzzle. Especially since the arrival in the working world of Generation Y, strong producer and consumer of unstructured data will amplify the phenomenon. It is in this context that the neutral data centers whose heart business is the management of highly connected environments are emerging as the physical pillar of Big data. Because the future lies in the efficient processing of data, the Big data tomorrow will be an asset for companies that have invested the necessary resources to manage it.

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