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Big Data : diversity of needs and responses

By: omer nawaz on Wednesday, 14 January 2015 | 07:40

CIRCLE. (François Guérin) - Rather than decline a new definition of the concept,

we simply note that there is a major new keyword, a new concept and new solutions,
which return all suppliers to their obligations innovation and constant evolution.


Technology intensive companies observe, evaluate, question the relevance of each significant innovation. Innovation is it an opportunity or a risk? How to integrate new components into existing systems? What value and when?

Evolution or permanent technological breakthrough?

Volume growth, time of access to information, the variety of sources of information are not new per se, but there are many new ways to address these issues. These new answers they mark a break, a border? No, because that would mean that there is no innovation in a while and none of these trends has been identified or anticipated.

Management and data analysis are areas in turmoil for several years and the arrival of new players, the breakthrough new products and even buyouts of established companies are among the symptoms of agitation. Business Intelligence has become a specialty area in its own right in the management of information and is also a multi-discipline which forms the classic term 'BI' is not enough.

Multifaceted because the structured data from operational systems are no longer sufficient; multifaceted, because you have either address the specific needs of each department as a consolidated view at enterprise level; multifaceted because you have to worry about what is happening, what is going to happen and what happened there a few hours, weeks, or years. Today we need to integrate the information produced by men as the data produced by machines. It should provide intelligible information in the business as outward. It must also provide new data mining capabilities to people who will discover useful information.
And we might as well lie long list of information sources, the list of types of information, the consumer profiles of this information, the list of requirements for each other. For our part, we speak today of "decision for all."

Solutions both more comprehensive and more specific
Actors and suppliers in this market act and react continuously cope with these developments. Large publishers are moving toward broader responses, more complete, more integrated and specialists, new players or well established, going towards better targeted and more specialized approaches.

For data management infrastructure, we innovate for years to "push the walls", develop solutions, making them faster, cheaper and less "bulky" while increasing their capacity. IT vendors have improved the key hardware, power processors to memory capacity. The software and databases in particular exploit these new capabilities with storage column, compression, parallelism, and more recently the "in-memory".

A very large part of the specific responses to the concept of "big data" are solutions focused on the distribution of data and massively parallel processing. But again, there are many other ways to operate large or smaller scale data. And as often, so we want to oppose existing technologies to the latest innovations, the real answer is certainly in the complementarity of approaches.

Comscore is a client technology company called "Big Data". The world leader in Internet audience measurement, Comscore manipulates continuously, by its behavioral information provider business, a lot of raw data format called 'unstructured'. To manage them, Comscore uses technology called "Big Data" Hadoop MapReduce framework including. But it does not do everything with this technology. Significant volumes of raw data and processed during this first stage are then tipped in a structured form in databases systems with storage capacities column and parallel processing in order to carry out complex analyzes, the heart of its activity.

A diverse needs is a real diversity of solutions, the wave "Big Data" gives us the opportunity to fix our attention on data management infrastructure so it's an opportunity to review all the possible choices, to reflect on the real needs and to put into perspective best practices.

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