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10 basic SEO tips for bloggers

By: omer nawaz on Friday, 22 November 2013 | 00:42

If you are a blogger and you're starting these ten practical (and simple) tips for every blogger on SEO you are going to come in handy, and if you go you take guru surely more of a surprise, since many times we focus on search and be to date in terms of information (which is not bad) but we forget the base, and of course, then we showered the sticks.

What people write in Google to find me?

This is the main question to begin to make a post focused on keywords , then you can supplement with other techniques such as search tools keywords (either paid or free), Keis (with all its limitations ) and many other things nice, but the main thing is to have the concept in your head, and that concept is you screaming: what the hell is going to write someone in Google to find me?

Make a content conditions

In the blogosphere there are three types of blogs: on one side are those who have quality content that other users want to read the other are those who announce with fanfare things about themselves, and in a third step are the majority, blogs are not focused absolutely nothing and no where to catch them .
If you want your blog to work, and I have to say that you should be with the first, and if you want people to spend their valuable time on your site it must have quality content, do not you think?

Plugins for SEO, your best allies

If you want the user to read you have to write well, but if you want the user to position you find you well. The good thing is that blogs, thanks to its structure and position are code fairly well, and if your site is built with WordPress you have a lot of plugins for SEO to help in this matter. Some time ago I made ​​a post about it, so if you want to see what the SEO plugin that best suits you just follow the link.
If instead you have a blog created with another Content Manager only tell you half of the most relevant Internet sites use WordPress, so what are you waiting?

Have your own domain

If you have your own domain you're wasting your time , so clear and concise I have to tell you. Having your own domain stands for you can be a professional, while having a domain hosted on any of the free hosting options presented to you (Blogger, Tumblr etc) is just tacky.
Note that a domain costs $ 15 a year, and if you've got accommodation from about 100 € / year, you see, an amount you can afford.

Comment on other blogs

If you're starting out and you want your blog to be a little more relevance and take a handful of potential readers you have it as easy as commenting on relevant blogs in your industry .
Although the links in the comments are a nice rel = " nofollow "position and do not pass other users relevance they see and if your comment is quality and value will surely bring a handful pressed the link and come to your site .If you like, come back, and if you do not like, that is you have to improve.

Eye with titles

The title tag is the most important of all your CSS , in fact, should be the first meta tag to appear and be unique, and gives much weight to your position, so if you do it right you must keep your titles and also attractive focused keywords, an art, let him hear.

ALT attribute on images, the great unknown

The ALT attribute on images is neither more nor less than the alternative text, and serves to reinforce the position of each of your pages in Google, because if you are related to the keywords you're trying to position the content will give an added credibility.
So if you want to position well you know, not a single image without the ALT attribute good job.

Internal links

They are called internal links to the type of links that are on a page of your site and go to another of the same site, and serve to provide value and relevance, and to strengthen the link structure.
If you look closely, within the content of this post there are several links to other previous post, and also at the end is a list of related posts and in the sidebar there is a plugin for most viewed posts this month, what is achieved it?, first increase the time spent in my blog , and secondly, to improve thelink structure and, therefore, global positioning.

Give other published post on your site

A post exchange between two authors of two blogs is always something to keep in mind for many reasons among which the other user gives his own point of view, write differently and promotes this post on your own .
On the other hand, always well let put a link to your site in the content, in the form of "payment" for that valuable time has been spent writing.
If in turn you do the same on your blog, earn two bloggers and everyone's happy.
Oh by the way, if you want to make a trade of this kind so just get in touch , I hope.

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