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Start a scan with MTR

By: omer nawaz on Thursday, 26 February 2015 | 00:49

To find out if there are losses during data transfer between your network and server. MTR software can help you.


Install MTR

Run the command:

sudo /usr/local/sbin/mtr -r

 Application for Mac


Each host in the left column is a "stretch" or, if you prefer, a network component. It represents a unit of equipment in which the signal leaving your computer must pass to reach the server. If you discover that a particular host lost data packets, it is probable that it is the unit where the problem lies. The first host in which the signal passes is the equipment in your home network. Then there is the equipment of your Internet service provider; then the signal joined VIWeb equipment, and finally your server. If you spot a problem in the first sections, please contact your ISP first. If you spot a problem in the last sections, you can still perform some operations to help identify its origin.

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