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The new iPhone 5 , new design, new system iOS 6, new headphones and faster still

By: omer nawaz on Tuesday, 20 January 2015 | 13:34

Apple unveiled a new version of aujourd'huit iPhone (iPhone 5) and many new features, this Wednesday, Sept. 12, in San Francisco.

iPhone 5 actually addresses a new, longer design. the new smartphone looks like its predecessor, the 4S, keeping this side "rectangular with rounded edges." The iPhone 5, however, displayed as "thinner" and "lighter" than the 4S. But above all, it offers a larger screen (4 inches against 3.5 inches for the 4S) while retaining its high definition quality (1136 x 640 pixels).

New iOS 6 system, new features. Apple updates its iOS with advanced integration of Facebook and Twitter through the various menus. A photo can for example be published directly without a dedicated Facebook application. Similarly, an option in the Notification Center lets you post a new status or iTunes offers the ability to "love" music tracks. Apple also offers an application "Plans" revised and corrected by Apple (the app Google has paid the price of their squabbles). This new version is much like the previous one, but proposes to guide the user to the voice GPS way or tourist tours in three dimensions. The iOS 6 will be launched on 19 September and will be compatible with older iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Apple focused on its new A6 chip for calculations "twice as fast". Technology can seem like detail, but in use, according to Apple, typical tasks are between 1.7 and 2 times faster. A significant fluidity, especially when using new intensive applications.

Apple unveiled new headphones, called "Ear Pod," including "the form is defined by the geometry of the ear." Headphones, already known rumors that Apple touted as "designated to deliver sound directly into the ear." No revolution (again), but a quality that gives the iPhone 5 has the advantage of being transformed into a finger sliding into iPod.

Tidbits relayed by the press reported a better camera, but Apple unveiled "the best camera on the market." The new target on the back of the iPhone 5 display 8 megapixel camera, an auto focus, stabilizer, a face detection, HD video options ... Comparable to competition, but offer great pictures near and far. Better, the new iPhone offers new option as Panorama that allows for wide panoramic by simply moving the phone to the right when shooting. In short, Apple stands there its marketing argument.

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