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Fixed: incorrect description and image sharing to Facebook posts

By: omer nawaz on Tuesday, 20 January 2015 | 13:45

When you share a message on Facebook, it displays a thumbnail picked in the message page with a short description of the position. But in many cases does Facebook not identify the good image and description it should use. This is totally boring, and I have received many queries about on my Facebook page and e-mail.


So for those who are trying to figure a way out of this, here is the solution.

What image and description only pick from your Facebook page Post

Facebook regularly scratching your page and caches the data on your servers. They look for metadata information (tags OpenGraph and others) in your page. The metadata can specify an image and description to be used when the page is shared.If Facebook is not metadata, their algorithms will seek another description and image of your page.

Facebook shows a description and erroneous image when their algorithms are not able to pick the right picture and description of your post page.

We will solve both problems by using two different techniques.

1. Adjust the problem of mistaken image.

You have probably noticed that the avatars of comments, and other non-relevant images happens when you share the post on Facebook. The solution to this is to specify the image in the metadata of the page. We will use open graph tags for the same.

You can change the image URL in the above excerpt. This image will be used when no post thumbnail is present.

Now when you share posts on Facebook, an appropriate thumbnail will be displayed. If the post has no images, the fallback image we have stated in the extract will be used. If you do not see results right away, then it is because of caching done by Facebook. You can force Facebook to update the cache debugging the URL of the ticket from the use of this tool.

2. Fixing the Problem Description Wrong

Wrong description comes when Facebook is not able to recognize the content and structure of your page. This function can also be corrected using metadata, but since Blogger does not provide post excerpt tag outside the widget blog, it is impossible to do using valid HTML. So we have to go for other alternatives. If the metadata is not found, then Facebook would normally use the first paragraph of your page (which is quite large). So it will be a good idea to get used to in paragraph
HTML content. The publisher to publish content does not use paragraph tags, but uses a lot of line break tags instead. So if you use the editor to publish content, then you will go to the HTML view of the message editor, and make sure you use paragraph tags (I agree that it is a difficult thing to do). If you can not take that headache, then you can use a third party tool such as the release of Windows Live Writer that has editing controls of superior quality. After doing this, you will again force a refresh of the cache using the Facebook debugging tool and your message should show a good description on Facebook.

3. Scripts come in the description of Facebook   

I had seen one or two cases where the JavaScript code snippets come in the description of Facebook. Facebook somehow confused the script for the content, and this is probably because of the way you added the script. Go to your model and see if there are special characters in front of this particular script tag. If you find one, then remove it and force a Facebook update the cache.

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