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Strangely value in cell ?

By: omer nawaz on Thursday, 1 January 2015 | 03:55

I give a thing and it is not as it should be!

Most common cause :

The cell is formatted incorrectly !

If you enter into a cell 34000 and suddenly see January 31, 1993 , the number was converted to a date change.


If you type in a cell 0.5 and suddenly 12:00:00 appears , the number was converted into a time.

Or some other nonsense


I have to edit that number format of the cell. For this I need ( Format Cells ) are in the appropriate dialog .

There are many ways to invoke it . Here are two options that apply to all Excel versions:

1. If the cell (s ) is (are) selected , CTRL + 1 (The 1 from the number pad )

2. Right-click the cell or range of cells previously labeled - in the context menu then select Format Cells ... from .

Now the dialog opens cells to format.

In this tab to select numbers.

Subcategory You can then choose what you want.

Depending on the category are then displayed on the right for more options.
You should cover in detail in this dialogue. Just about custom number formats, there is a lot to learn. But this can sit under : Custom Cell Formats
get to know .

Excel is sometimes too smart for yourself!

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