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Excel Short-Cuts: Basic

By: omer nawaz on Thursday, 1 January 2015 | 22:21

BASIC shortcuts (or shortcuts) are key combinations that let you quickly perform an action. The first I want to share with you two shortcuts to give specific number format to cells. It is very important to get used to format for easy identification the figures correspond to money from others. Likewise, 

Currency Format

Selecting a set of cells and simultaneously pressing
Ctrl + Shift + 4 , assigned currency format with two decimal places:

Of course then you can add or remove decimals.

Same as above, this shortcut you format the cells as percentages: Ctrl + Shit + 5

Quickly, without using the mouse, the cells remain as need 

Millares Format 

This format adds the thousands separator and two decimal (equivalent in currency but without the $ sign).

 The shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + 1 .Transforms for example the number 10000 in 10,000.00.

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