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By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 3 January 2015 | 23:02

Status Bar - A wealth of  information.

In the lower part of Excel, you will see the status bar.

One area in which , if one is doing anything special, the word is Ready.

But if you take a closer attention there, get a lot of additional information.

Select e.g. in Table 3 cells with numbers and have a look in the right area of ​​the status bar.


You will be surprised.

And if you click inside there in the display with the right mouse button, you will be even more surprised.

Since Excel 2007, there are even more options!
Furthermore, the status bar displays information often when Excel is busy.
e.g. if many computations are performed there, the progress is displayed. (On The Left)

Another super - information is the activity that you just want to perform.
If you , for example, copy using the mouse - so hold down the CTRL key - the effect is them shown on the left in the status bar.

(Sm3 (1K) I must confess that I have since never paid at latter is the fact pointed it out to me Uwe !)

There is more to see and so much.

Just take a look from time to time there

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