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By: omer nawaz on Friday, 2 January 2015 | 21:31

This tip is so simple to be worth at the top.

Make it complete the rule, an entry in a cell immediately.
So that the cursor stops blinking in the cell.

Do not go in between get a coffee, take on a phone call, and even if dream girl / dream man naked walks past them,


You must first exit the entry in the cell!

Trillions of Excel users suffer every day because they are no longer at a time menu commands that something else is not working, the VBA experts drives it to despair that a code can not be started, in short:

Debt is the only cell in which I still find myself editing.

As soon as I find myself in a cell for editing , Excel is in another world.
I have to leave again for me is the normal environment to this world.
And if you always heed this, then it does not cause problems.

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