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The address of the RSS and ATOM your Blogger blog

By: omer nawaz on Friday, 6 February 2015 | 22:09

What is RSS:

The RSS standard represents a simple way to be informed of new content on a website without having to consult it.


The "RSS" format (translate "Really Simple Syndication") makes it possible to describe briefly the content of a website, a file in XML format to allow its use by third parties. The RSS file, also known as RSS feeds, RSS or RSS channel, containing information to be distributed is updated constantly maintained to contain the latest information publier.CCM

The addresses of RSS and Atom feeds assigned by default google for article and blogger comments are:
RSS articles:


RSS Comments:


RSS articles with a specific name:

this stuff is very interesting to view the articles latest in a specific category, such widget that I use in my blog to display Related Posts (Article linked or related item) See Article

The comment feed for a particular item:


PostID to find an article, log into your blog >> >> Posting a Message Edit Posts
Here is an illustrative image:

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