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How to add Adsens after the post title

By: omer nawaz on Wednesday, 4 February 2015 | 12:44

To add Adsens after the title of your posts:

  1.     Log into your Google account Adsens is going to:
  2. Go to My ads and click New ad block    
  3. Choose the size of your ad and for better results , select 300x250 or 336x250 medium large rectangle.    
  4. After filling the mandatory option of the form, click Register and get the code.

    5. A pop-up 'll appear containing the ad code
    6. Before paste this code into your blogger , go here: paste your code to make your code compatible with the blogger format and click Click here to convert.

 7.After click on the button Click here to convert another coded is generated in the box below, copy it.
   8.Connectez you blogging and go to presentation >> Edit HTML and check the box gadgets Develop models.
   9.Rechercher the following line using Ctrl + F (Search): <data: post.body />
  vowed will see a code like the:

  <Div class = 'post-body entry-content ">
  <Data: post.body />
  <Div style = "clear: both;" /> <- clear pictures for floats ->
  </ Div>

 10 .just before that code, paste your ad code.
 Save and view your blog to see the changes.

  Image summary here

Some people like us do not have a web page advertising saturated, and show such advertising after the click on the message must be added the two line of code

<B: if cond = 'data: blog.pageType == & quot; item & quot;'>

Add here the code you converted using this address:

</ B: if>

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