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Create a Facebook fan page for your blog , blogger blogspot

By: omer nawaz on Monday, 2 February 2015 | 12:24

To create a facebook fan page , I invite you to follow the following steps:
1- Go here
2- Choose brand or product
3- select Website in the dropdown list , name your fan page , t read and agree to the conditions for Facebook pages , and then click Start.
4 - Add a picture to your Facebook page


Once you add the image , you can change the information of your Facebook fan page and save.

Now your facebook fan page is created and the information is current.
You can then publish your item automatically in your facebook fan page , and to do so there are several methods including: RSS Graffiti application .
Go to: https: // and allow RSS Graffiti

After permission to RSS Graffiti, you will be able to see your facebook fan page list.

then click on your Facebook fan page (in my case blogger - trick).

Once you have allowed the application, click on the Add button Feedet enter your Feed URL.

My blog:
Feed my URL is: http: //

Click on the link click here to fetch and preview

To see if he will know the flow of your blog or not. (If not, check if you activate the flow of your blog, or cases or blog is not about blogger in this case your feed URL (URL Feed) is different to the one you enter).

Go to the Filter tab
and click on the Change link
Select from the dropdown list Remove Blogger Nav Bar Completly then click Save.
It may take some time for your messages may appear on your Facebook fan page (the last 25 messages will be visible in your Facebook fan page).

The URL of your Facebook page can mentioned explicitly in this form, once you have a number of 25 fans at a minimum, you will have a URL of your Facebook page similar to the: shorter and more significant.

and choose a username to your Facebook fan page, go to and choose a username to your page, but be careful when you choose the name of because it is not user replaceable.

Tip: You create your Facebook fan page, but you do not have a fan, I offer you to add Like Box (Box I love) to your blog.cela allows Facebook users to like your fan page directly since your blog.
A dedicated section is available here: http: //

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