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Add google buzz button to blogger

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 1 February 2015 | 12:10

A simple method is to add the Google button to blogger buzz, just follow these steps:

1- Login to blogger

2. Go to Presentation >> Edit HTML and check the box gadgets Develop models

3. Find the line of code: <div class = 'post-header-line-1' /> or <data: post.body /> if the first

Expression does not exist.

4- copy / paste this code

<Div style = "float: right; padding: 4px;">
<A title = "Post on Google Buzz" class = "google-buzz-button" href =
"Http://" data-button-style = "normal-count"
data-locale = "en_IN" rel = "nofollow" expr: data-url = 'data: post.url'>
</a> <script type = "text / javascript" src = "">
</ Script>
</ Div>
just before <data: post.body /> or just after <div class = 'post-header-line-1' />

-5 Record the model and redisplay your blog.
if you want a compact button to Google Buzz, change-normal cost
by small-count in the pécédent code.
and if you want the Google Buzz button to the left of your text contrast
the first example, change float: right by float: left.
a copy is placed in my blog: after the title of each message in the right side.
For further clarification please feel free to ask me questions.

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