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By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 4 January 2015 | 03:07

Print various views using the Report Manager

You would like different areas of one or more worksheets free macro at a time to print? You may also , depending on the area with different page setup, eg the orientation part in building construction, partly oriented in landscape mode ? And it shall be a continuous page numbers to be inserted?


You can do this via the Report Manager. The Report Manager is an add-in (Bericht.xla). Before Excel 2002, it was included with the program, since it is only available as a separate download by Microsoft. If you have not installed and this enabled, you can download it here (the installation and activation instructions can be found there as well): Download Add-in Report Manager

After installation and activation of the add- ins, see Menu> View the new menu item Report Manager .... Now create custom views next to each region to be included later in your expression . And these various views which are then combined in the Report Manager to a report and can be printed from then on in this compilation at a time. However, the compilation is also subsequently changed. After you add a report that is saved with the workbook. Below I will describe the application of such a report in steps.>

Step 1 : Define Generally Applicable Page Setup

First place in Menu> File> Page Setup to specify the print settings to apply to all areas . And for all worksheets from which areas are covered in the report. It is particularly important that you now take the page number in the header / footer or. >

Step 2 : Detection of custom views

Brief information on custom view

Saving custom views is noted as the spreadsheet should look at this list. Here, a name is assigned to each desired view and restored by calling that name the same optical condition as originally stored. 

Under custom view you can, for example, Formatting, auto filters, pressure range, fixing windows, rows, and columns Show / Hide store, so that one and the same spreadsheet with one click gives a different look.

We make ourselves for our purpose the holding of the various print settings advantage.
Pro area that we want to include in our report Express, we can create a custom view. Here I explain how to specify the custom view for the first pressure range:>

align the page to which you would like the first pressure range appear the importance of setting the print area is the area that will have exactly this pressure  settings

then go Menu> View> Custom Views ....
jumping up in the dialog box, click the Add ... button click
Enter below Name: Area1 ( the next views then area2 , area3 etc. )
Confirm with the Ok button

Repeat the creation of user-defined views , until you have entered all areas , each with the appropriate print area and page device . The areas can be located on different worksheets.>

To call a custom view they go Menu> View> Custom Views ..... In jumping up dialog box, select the desired view by clicking on it and clicking on the View Button
You can not change custom views . Then you have to delete them and add new
they are going to delete a custom view using Menu> View> Custom Views ..... In jumping up dialog box, select the view you want by clicking on it and click the Delete button

Step 3: Create a report

Creating a report is nothing more than combining different custom views in any order. Within a file , you can capture various reports. The reports are saved as an integral part of the file when saving. Go to reporting as follows:>

go to Menu> View> Report Manager ...
click on jumping up dialog box , click the Add button. ( From this dialog box, you can also print buttons on existing reports , editing and deleting )
In the next dialog box, enter a report name, eg report1
select from the drop down the worksheet your first pressure range from
tick view and select from the drop correspondingly you created custom view
click on the button your adding , characterized the area is added to the report
These steps repeat until you have included all areas
You can move the area innhalb the report on the buttons up or down or delete
 if the report is to receive a forlaufende page number, hook on the appropriate check box
then you exit the dialog box by clicking OK

Step 4: Print Report

go to Menu> View> Report Manager ...
highlight in jumping up dialog box to report you want to print
Click the Print button
At the next screen you will be asked for the desired number of copies
by clicking on the OK button to start printing >

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