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Optimier displaying your blogger blog

By: omer nawaz on Friday, 30 January 2015 | 10:48

To keep your loyal users , you must set up a website that loads very quickly, because you never stay long on such sites.


And in this context that I write dear readers this little tutorial on a tool that 'll let you know everything you need on your blogger blog.

 1- Visit this site: Pingdom TOOLS ca 'll help you analyze the loading of your blog or also for your web page

2- Enter the address of your blog / web page and click Test Now

Once the analysis is complete you will see the loading time of your blog, but the loading time of each material composing your blog. This will allow you to identify the photos, widgets, dead links that slow down the loading of your blog.

Pingdom TOOLS remembers your old scores to see improvement in your blog.

And to speed up loading of your blogger blog , follow these tips:

    Reduce the size of photos (eg compress )
    Moin Show article on the homepage of
    remove the slowest widgets
    generally remove the superfluous

blogger - trick currently charge 5.4 seconds and is 861.4 KB

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