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By: omer nawaz on Monday, 19 January 2015 | 13:30

Facebook has understood, a social network that leads the competition is good, but it's even better when profits arising are important. And this tendency to profit optimization has increased since the IPO of US giant. After changing the terms and conditions of his service announced yesterday, Facebook now seems to want to emulate its advertising strategy on Google, the undisputed leader in the field on the Internet ... to the detriment of users?

March 1, Google has indeed updated its privacy policy. The program includes a collection of information on various media, the company can now cross to refine its advertisements. It is therefore possible to use the GPS data from your Android smartphone, your search history and your Google+ profile to offer highly targeted ads. In view of the many services offered by Google, the collected data can be very full on each individual. Facebook therefore wishes to proceed in the same way for its ads, using both its web sites (including Facebook and Instagram ...) and third-party applications that use it.

In this way, for example, Facebook could cross the data contained in your profile, those of your friends, your website, personal information present on Instagram, and the data you share with applications on the social network. According to Facebook, this method allows to better understand the activities of members and improve service ... Crossing the data above would allow it to better sell its advertising space to advertisers and increase prices.

When Google announced plans to analyze user data through all its services, the CNIL had not been slow to react. This time, it was the Irish authorities that pull the alarm. The protection commissioner of the Irish data (DPC) is asking Facebook rapid clarification of the proposed overhaul of privacy settings. In any case, according to the Data Protection Commissioner, European users should explicitly accept these measures before they are implemented.

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