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Crowdsourcing is exceeded : discover later

By: omer nawaz on Saturday, 17 January 2015 | 12:57

The exploitation of the "wisdom of crowds" is a way to search for new ideas, but beyond the crowdsourcing, developments related to technology emerge.

Crowdsourcing, that is to say the operation of the "wisdom of crowds" is regarded as a modern way to go for innovation and new ideas from outside the company, as well as take advantage of the confrontation between multiple disciplines. 
Companies and leading organizations such as Dell and NASA employ crowdsourcing approaches to give birth to new innovations.

However, if the technology focused crowdsourcing to a new level, it also makes the approach already outdated and potentially risky. Such is the observation by Thomas Frey, futurist at DaVinci Institute and editor of the site He poses this provocative question: "If you had the choice between making the trip from Boston to San Diego in a plane piloted by a single machine or by the combined intelligence of 3,000 people, which option would you choose? ".

Thomas Frey noted that the "crowd" has often deceived, from a historical perspective. For example, he recalls that have followed the wisdom of crowds that led to the 1929 stock market crash and the collapse of the real estate market of the 2000s.

He says the crowdsourcing loses its luster as a means of innovation and decision making, and is being replaced by three developments favored by technology.

The rise of opinion leaders: it is active voice in their social networks, and marketers are learning to convince these very influential people "to recommend their products and services more positively," says Thomas Frey.

The rise of Big Data analytical processing (large amounts of data): Big Data phenomenon accelerates decision making, from slow and deterministic approaches (such as steering committees or boards of directors) to "technical data mining to know almost instantly opinions vast constituencies or purchase whims of a target market, "says Thomas Frey. "Excessively slow processes of yesterday are replaced by an entirely new social norm. »

The rise of enriched human intelligence by machine: perhaps paradoxically, technology and artificial intelligence also help to raise individual human intelligence, says Thomas Frey. "As we move into the era of large amounts of data, we will continue to explore more sophisticated ways to capture and exploit the wonders of the human mind and find unusual ways to use only those with the more intelligence. »

Thomas Frey acknowledges that the decision making is enhanced by new technologies, but that crowdsourcing can continue to have a role to play in stimulating innovation. Many businesses and crowdsourcing communities, for example , limit the commitment to closed participatory networks. Thus, companies that test crowdsourcing employ vis-à -vis approach to their employees or partners, ensuring more relevant and targeted ideas.

There are also crowdsourcing initiatives limited to scientists or researchers. Crowdsourcing is part of an extensive set of tools available today, via technology, to achieve faster and more innovative solutions ... provided they are used correctly.

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