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Create a Google+ Page

By: omer nawaz on Friday, 23 January 2015 | 04:25

Hello one and all , in this tutorial I present to you the steps to create a Google+ page , let's go :

    1. Log in to your Google+ account and choose Create a Google+ page

2. You will be invited to choose one of these catégiries :

    Company or local address : hotels, restaurants, places , shops, services ...

Product or brand: clothing , cars, electronics, financial services ...

Company, institution or organization: Businesses , companies , institutions, non -profit organizations ...

Arts, Entertainment or Sports : Movies , TV, music, books, sports , shows ...

Other: Use this category if your site does not match any other.

I choose Other to create a page for my blog.

eventually you 'll aamenez for filling in the form below , we indicate the name of your Google+ page , address and the visibility of your page to the public.

The last step before accessing your page will be created to share this page to your circles

Congratulations Your google + page has been created with pacifiers, there are now only publish content .

A menu on the left allows you to switch between your Google+ page and your profile.

That is all and thank you for following this tutorial on creating a Google+ Page , see also the tutorial on creating Facebook page for your site / blog and Facebook integration with Google+.

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