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Articles grouped by categories on blogger

By: omer nawaz on Thursday, 29 January 2015 | 10:30

The procedure to be followed in your articles by category I invite you to take the following steps :

1- Login to blogger , go to Publish a message >> New Message , down text entry screens a new message you notice a small text box titled Labels in this area you need inquire
 the wording of the category . and save at the end of your message.

But you also say that you have items that need to be in the same category or a different category, simply go to Publish a message / Change messages and selecionner the entire message you want to assign to a specific category and follow the indicatiopn below in the image.

after you complete this procedure , view your blog again and you will find this new category added recently and if it does not appear ( because your blog template does not integrates by default) , simply add Labels (Presentation / Add Gadget).

That 's it for this tutorial , hoping that responds to your expectations.

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