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Great and Useful Excel Tricks

By: omer nawaz on Sunday, 10 November 2013 | 09:00

We present below 10 easy tricks with simple key combinations you may get unexpected results. Perhaps some already knew, but all are equally useful. 1. Date of the Day : To enter the current date in a cell can use the following: Type in a cell = TODAY ()


Two. Time : To write the time on your computer keys simultaneously + (two points )3. Contents Repeat : To repeat what you just typed in upper cell: Press buttons +(single quote): 


April. Repeating Content: If you want to repeat the same text as shown in the section 3 but the text you want to repeat is right to press keys simultaneously +

May. Repeat the last action: The "F4" key stores the last command or formatting applied. If you apply any formatting such as bold, color, underline etc and want to apply it to the press cell and this cell also automatically be formatted.  

June. Range Selection: To select a range press the + 

July. Strikeout text in a cell : To change the text style of the selected cell to "strikethrough" simultaneously press + (button 5)   

August. More than one line in the same cell: If you think you need to write a text that contains more than one line in a cell, then enter the information you want and press the +   (Enter key) which will cause the cursor to move a new line without changing cell. The height of the row is modified to allow all the text displayed in the cell.9. Fill a range of cells : To quickly enter the same value or text in a range of cells, we first select the range to be filled, then enter the padding value. To end press + (Enter key) simultaneously. 


10. Auto sum: For the sum of a range can simultaneously press the "Shift" plus "Alt" and "=" +    


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